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  1. Roz:


  2. Tyler:

    when the leaves start turning but it isnt yet freezing cold outside in new england. beautiful but not too cold!

  3. Gracie:

    Winter because when I walk in the rain no one can tell I am crying…

  4. Some Girl:

    Summer! I get cold so easily, and the indoors are never super toasty in winter, so the summer is the only time I ever really get to be warm! Plus, I love going for long runs in the summer, because I feel like I’m getting an extra workout from all the sweat. Love it!

  5. Krish:

    I Love Winter, its awesome to have a warm companion beside u in such a cold weather.

  6. Summer

  7. The end of Spring 🙂

  8. Anne:

    fall, probably

  9. anonymous:


  10. Dan:

    First major snow storm.

  11. zai:


  12. jw:

    winter, i love winter

  13. Heather:

    Late spring and early autumn. Amazing.

  14. Lornz:

    Summer when the trees are green and we can sit on the grass late at night and act like little kids again 😀

  15. I like fall in the south!
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  16. b:


  17. Carrie:

    Spring, especially the first couple days when the snow isn’t fully melted but you can still feel the sun.

  18. Aaron:

    I like the spring and summer because I can play tennis. Even if I don’t play tennis, I just love being outdoors.

  19. Tiva:

    Springtime… nice and cool! (right before it gets sweltering and unbearably hot)

  20. A Dreamer:

    Winter. Even though winter has its cold dark days, nothing is better than having a friend share their warmth with you, to get you through it. (Metaphorically, and physically..)

  21. Kate:

    Autumn. Everything is crisp, warm, and changing. It always gives me hope that I can change too.

  22. Lg:

    I love the transitional seasons. I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and loved those first few days of Spring, when the sun would fight to stay out longer, day after day, and the air would proceed to get warmer and warmer. I also really love Fall. It’s that time of year when you start to slow down and get centered again. Now that I live in California there are days throughout the year that remind me of both, but never a consistent pattern of seasons in which your whole mentality can relate to and rely on.

  23. Swish:

    Autumn. Most definitely.

  24. Clover:

    Autumn, weather is just right. Gets a little chilly at night. Time for Halloween and leaves turning.

  25. Sophia:

    No time really. I just try to enjoy every moment.

  26. Marisol:

    Summer when the living is easy. Just pack a bag and smoke a bowl in the woods admiring the beauty of this earth.

  27. Jade:

    I love both late spring and early autumn when the temperatures and the environment is just right (just enough leaves, few to no bugs out).

    I truly love autumn though, in the beginning- where its like 50 degrees, there is a decent leaf cover on the ground yet still enough in the trees to make everything look beautiful and touched by magick and God. if I could have it my way- I would have it where the trees’ leaves still change color and fall, but that the ones on the ground disappear so that there are not too many to walk through and that when they fall off the tree regrow.

  28. Carol:

    The tail end of winter when you can feel spring coming, when you know its basically here. It makes me hyper off the joy of the coming spring.

  29. Drew:

    Late summer, early fall.

  30. Jon:

    Winter, I prefer winter fashion and I think the world is its most beautiful in winter

  31. Allison:

    The first few warm days of spring when you know it isn’t going to turn cold again. 🙂

  32. Gwyn:

    Spring, when everything is starting to come alive again after the cold and barren darkness of winter.

  33. mistie:

    I love winter because it’s a time when everyone is quiet and you can be with your own thoughts without any interruption of memories. Especially at night.

  34. Nick:

    Christmas, New Year and summer.

  35. Copper:

    Fall by far. The perfect in-between.

  36. AM:

    FALL!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Crisp cool weather, the changing leaves, football, HALLOWEEN, pumpkins, the list goes on and on 🙂

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