Question 338

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  1. m:

    A house.

    A big, four-walled, slanty-roofed house.

  2. Aaron:


    I was never really happy as a child because I was always picked on in school. Aside from me being really sick right now, I’m very happy. I have friends, family, good grades, and a great level of fitness. I guess I’ve always wanted happiness and I do believe that I’ve found just that.

  3. I always wanted my stories and drawings to ‘come to life’– not just in the literal sense (that would be awesome too), but in the sense that everyone would know about and love them like I did.
    I still want that more than anything.

  4. Tiva:

    I have wished on many, many stars to find my true love, my soul mate, ever since I was a kid!

    Plus, I have always wanted a big library in my house, with one of those giant round clocks hanging on the wall and a very tall giraffe statue… like the library in Meet Joe Black. Such a cool thing… all those books and knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips.


  5. To travel the world and seek adventures

  6. A Dreamer:


  7. Justin:

    Love, marriage, and my own kids.

  8. Kate:

    Happiness and Love.

  9. Wes:

    Someone who likes me for who I am, not for who they want me to be.

  10. Coltron:

    Adventure! I just want to visit the places only findable by treasure map with the big red X.
    Apparently i was born in the wrong generation. Everything’s already been indexed.
    and… Hogwarts? =D

  11. b:


  12. jw:

    being a good person

  13. Jay:

    The ability to fly

  14. Anne:

    To sit outside on a large field with perfect weather for a couple hours.

  15. nocturnesthesia:

    A Pogo stick. I still want one.

  16. Eric:

    Someone to truly love and loves me back.

  17. just thoughts:

    to find true everlasting love, to travel the world, to make a difference in people’s lives, to be remembered for that

  18. Prashanth:

    A sibling. I am an only child to my parents.

  19. Laura:

    To be someone else, to live a different life. I’m just now realizing the absolute truth of this statement. The specifics of this desire have changed dramatically over the years, but I’m looking back now and realizing that I’ve always been attracted to the idea of being someone other than myself.

  20. Jayne:

    I’ve always wanted to travel around the world without money ever being a problem. Of course I’ve wanted to find a man that I love and loves me for me. Hopefully I can get one of these by the time I die!

  21. Natalie:

    To join the Royal Australian Air Force.

  22. maria:

    to do great work!

  23. Ali:

    To work for Disney.

  24. Rachael:

    Love; I have always wanted love. From my soulmate, my parents/family, and friends. I’ve always wanted that for some reason. It just made me feel incomplete because I was always picked on as a kid by my family and friends. Now I have friends and family who love me. Now I’m waiting for Prince Charming.
    Oh, and LOTS of animals. 😉

  25. Gracie:

    A chef

  26. Gracie:

    ^ Sorry I meant to BE a chef

  27. Rachel:

    I’ve always wanted to not be in pain. Something always hurts – my back, my head, my chest – and I might die before I graduate high school this June. I’ve always hurt, ever since I was a little girl. I just want to know what it’s like to live without pain or the knowledge of my death.

    Also, I always wanted to be accepted for who I want to be instead of who I have to be.

  28. Clover:

    To sail around the world and visit different lands.

  29. Sophia:

    A bestfriend that is a guy. Have no idea why.

  30. Julia:

    To be able to “pop in” (and out) like on ‘Bewitched’ … what it would save on time, travel costs and the environment!!

  31. Jade:

    To answer this question 😀

    lol, seriously- to have very good friends- but above everything else, that one real good friend who is constant and by you no matter what. The one who is like a part of your family, and maybe even grow to be a part of you, because we’d be so close, alike but different. You could reveal you good traits and bad traits and still be appreciated. Closeness, honesty, love, loyalty. I’d love him/her so much. <3

  32. zai:

    I wanted to be a piano player…unfortunately my parents think that music is waste of time 🙁

  33. Drew:

    My family being a family.

  34. lisa reeney:

    A big trampoline !

  35. M:

    To have a brother or sister.

  36. Atomickey:

    A wagon…I still never got it

  37. Nick:

    Being less dependent to my parents.

  38. Jessica:

    A big, beautiful princess dress, with a crown and sash,

    And a baby of my own.

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