Question 340

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  1. Jayne:

    Why college has to cost so much when it’s become “necessary” to live a comfortable life.
    Most math.
    Why people can’t do at least one thing a day that benefits another.

  2. Dan:

    Women confuse me.

  3. Kat:

    And why people enjoy messing up others and making them feel broken. Not just being a good person but enjoy destroying others. I just can never understand that.
    Also why people think I am pretty.

  4. craig:

    Why there are people in prison serving life sentences for the most horrific crimes, yet there are people that have done good all thier lives dying of cancer.

  5. A:

    What fair really means
    Why I can’t just once have things go the way I want them to
    Why everybody else seems happy and I’m the complete opposite

  6. maria:

    myself and my thoughts

  7. b:

    people that i thought were my friends

  8. Anne:

    My own emotions. Men.

  9. Eric:

    My own actions in the past. What was I thinking?

  10. jw:

    I am lying all the time.

  11. Sophia:

    boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. i don’t have that one that makes my heart pound faster, that makes me cry, and smile for no reason. Everyone talks about it and i have never felt like that.

  12. tiny:

    why people are so awful.

  13. Kelly:

    how can people be so terrible to eachother so often? and how can there be so many people that make up for them?

  14. Lua:

    The Future !

  15. A!:

    Among other things, like calculus, why our government chooses to continue to cut school budgets when it is the future of our state and country.

  16. Jake:

    How people can be so blatantly inconsiderate and terrible.

    Where all the good has gone in the world.

    Why society/life changed from being so simple to so complex and tough to get through.

  17. Kati:

    Why such bad things happen to such good people. Why people with the biggest, warmest hearts seem to get kicked around the most. There are so many good people that never get the good that they deserve, and so many horrible people that don’t deserve the good things they have.

    Why people with perfectly healthy bodies commit suicide. There are people out there that have life threatening diseases such as cancer, and all they want is to get better. If you feel like your life is that horrible, make it better because you can.

  18. The power of my mind.

  19. [NM]:

    everything! the more I learn, the more indepth and confusing everything becomes.

    I wish I could learn and truley understand everything.
    A good thing to aspire to do I think.
    And I hope it never ends!

  20. Rosie:

    My feelings, myself, and sometimes my family.

  21. Laura:

    People in general…
    But most of all, people who cling to prejudice and hate (why is it so difficult to accept that we are all different, and that’s ok?), people who don’t consider the consequences of their actions, then complain about them (what did you THINK was going to happen?), and people who mindlessly accept certain ways of thinking/dressing etc. in order to fit into a group.

    Also: the concept of “networking.”

  22. Gracie:

    Reading sheet music… Which is odd since I did Piano from pre-k to 5th grade, flute in fifth grade, then choir for 4 years so far but I plan to do it for 3 more years (all of high school)

    and guys

  23. Kukis:


  24. Anonymous:

    My ‘friends’.
    I thought you guys were my friends, at least.

  25. Diii:

    myself , my thoughts , life , people , everything confuses me

  26. Kristy:

    Why people are so drawn to the people who hurt them. I just don’t understand why so many people stay friends with someone, then talk crap about them, but /still/ stay friends with them.
    Why my parents can’t seem to learn any financial responsibility, no matter what happens. I just wish they would accept help or something, because I’m still trying to struggle with college, yet it seems so trivial compared with all the financial problems that /we/ are having. And unfortunately, because I didn’t get out of their roof soon enough, they dragged me into their financial problems officially.

  27. Gloria:

    How easily he can hide his feelings from me and make it seem like he doesnt care then out of no where actually give a shit how im feeling….
    Men are confusing!!

  28. T:

    My employees. They do stupid stuff and expect to get away with it yet I work with them every day. Why make an extremely awkward moment for yourself? Why dont you care about me?

  29. Tiva:

    Why do people feel the need to lie… I just don’t get it.
    Why doesn’t my brother have a girlfriend? (I know he’s not gay or even closet gay)
    Why can’t I get rid of this little pooch on my belly? What am I doing wrong?
    Why doesn’t everyone take the Omega 3 pills everyday like I do? It’s done wonders on my memory.
    Why is my job always giving me more and more stupid things to write down? And why does it seem they (my job) is still in the dark ages?
    When was it that I stopped laughing so much? I used to laugh a lot every day.
    How is it that my sister is so completely opposite of my in every single way and yet still be blood related to me? We grew up the same way, yet she’s way out in left field.

    I’m sure I have more things that confuse me… but that’s all I can think of right now.

  30. Drew:


  31. Sarah:

    The fact that no matter how hard I try to do the right thing and be a good person, bad things keep happening to me, and I feel like I’m facing them all alone.

  32. Meme:

    Why some in life have the right to pursue happiness while so many others seem to only have the right to pursue survival

  33. June:

    Myself. Life. People. Everything.

  34. Nick:

    Why do we have to argue about things.
    Why college is so expensive.
    How to live a better life.

  35. AM:


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