Question 341

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33 Responses to “Question 341”

  1. me:

    I know I’m far from perfect. Sometimes this makes me only show my imperfections to others.

  2. Aaron:

    I have some intestinal problems right now that are kicking my butt 🙁

  3. Kate:

    I constantly put myself down so that when other people have bad things to say about me it can’t compare to what I say about myself.

  4. Angria:

    I hold myself up to such high expectations that I typically “fail”, even though I am doing decent in life. So between that and my ptsd, I have a pretty negative thought process…

  5. b:

    i put others before myself and like angria my expectations are high and that with my ptsd is making life interesting to say the least.

  6. Kelson:

    When something good comes along, I tend to find ways to mess it up.

  7. Kati:

    Why I can’t just be happy with what I have. I always seem to be looking for something more.

  8. Jay:

    I forgot to embrace my flaws.

  9. A!:

    I’m definitely my own worst critic, critiquing anything I say or do. Sometimes I let myself get to me, too. I strive too much for perfection, which only lets myself down in the long run. I get more disappointed in myself than anybody else does.

  10. I beat myself up like there’s no tomorrow, it’s irritating.

  11. weiming:


  12. Eric:

    Kelson and me in the same boat :/

  13. Anne:

    I make crappy decisions

  14. jw:

    id vs super-ego

  15. Rosie:

    I sometimes tell myself I can’t do this or that, and that I look a certain way or whatever.

  16. Megan:

    1. I spend far too much time telling myself that I’m not good enough/ not pretty enough/ not thin enough/ etc.
    2. I spend even more time hoping for things/ dreaming about things that will never happen, knowing all to well that I will only be disappointed in the end.

  17. Jayne:

    I over think things to the point where convince myself I don’t have what it takes to do something.
    And often I let fear get the best of me.

  18. Kat:

    Same way as in the picture

  19. Giselle:

    Kelson, Kati and are in the same boat. 🙂

  20. Gracie:

    Megan and I are in the same boat

    Plus I get a little behind or something in school and I just psych myself out so much that I give up for the rest of the semester
    so one semester my report card will be mostly A’s and B’s and the next semester the only class I will be passing is choir

  21. Sophia:

    I always put myself first.

  22. Jess:

    I believe lies.
    I fall for the wrong people.
    I doubt myself.
    I let people prove me wrong.
    But Im about to change this I think.
    I’ve got a life time ahead of me past my teen years…
    (Yes, Im still young early teens of it helps)

  23. Anonymous:

    I’m just too negative. I scratch up my arms, and I get mad whenever I eat, and I purposely take too many sleeping pills.

  24. Jade:

    My mind is not always the best environment for my dreams and self-image, as many times, it becomes acidic and hurtful, on a doubtful foundation.

  25. T:

    Constantly setting my expectations too high for myself. I exoect myself to be able to live 3 different lives and careers and get sad when i dont have the time to do it all.

  26. maria:

    in every single way!

  27. Drew:

    I think too much about everything and realize some horrible, horrible things.

  28. John:

    I hate myself on every level.

  29. mistie:

    I guess my cowardice towards rejection and criticism.

  30. Khiande:

    People say that I expect too much from myself. I don’t see it.

  31. Nick:

    When trying to avoid temptations. When I don’t embrace the beliefs of others. When I don’t believe in myself.

  32. I focus so intently on my flaws and I’m very down on myself.

  33. anonimus:

    I hurt myself with my own thoughts

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