Question 342

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  1. Aaron:

    Sometimes when I don’t understand something in class I don’t raise my hand and ask the professor to explain it again. I do it most of the time, but I need to get into the habit of doing it all the time.

  2. Angria:

    Before he died, I wanted to ask him why he stopped living when I still needed him to be here.

  3. Anne:

    Every time he made a joke about my weight. I finally said something, but now it’s too late. LOL RHYMES.

  4. Kate:

    Every time I’ve seen someone being bullied. The one time I tried to stand up for someone, everyone turned on me and it terrified me. So now I don’t do it at all.

  5. A Dreamer:

    When I get bullied. I usually “suffer in silence,” and never say anything. Hopefully that’s about to change.

  6. anonymous:

    so many times

  7. Right:

    i do it all the time something i’m not proud of …i do it in class when i don’t understand something , i don’t raise my hand and ask the professor to reexplain it , i do not speak out for myself i suffer in silence too , the most horrible moment when i walked on my *** while he was watching porn and he did not bother to turn the channel and he never say “i am sorry ” i should have speak out that time i should not let him get away with it , we are not the same anymore there is a wall between us and i just can not forgive him it really hurt me , i never told anyone about it , i should stop talking because the thought of it make me want to puke .

  8. Gracie:

    When this girl in one of my classes talks s*** about people, most of which are my friends, I get too scared to stand up for them because this girl could take me down in a second.

  9. jw:

    when i thought my words would hurt others

  10. Anonymous:

    I don’t ask for help in school because people will think I’m stupid.

  11. tiny:

    when he said ‘i love you.’

  12. Laura:

    At all the times when I should have.

  13. anonymous:

    i could have told child protective services the truth when i was 7 and again when i was 17. i would have been safe from my father, but they would have separated my sisters and i in foster homes. i still wonder if i made the right decision for all of us, or was just being selfish.

  14. Justin:

    When I didn’t stand up for people they made fun of even though I know what it is like.

  15. Tiva:

    I’ll have to think about that one more. I believe I did everything I needed to in each situation, whether it’s speak up or not.

  16. Hunter:

    When she said those things that I was taught to speak up against. I should have told her to shut up or that it was offensive. She’s 20 years older than me, she should know better.

  17. thu:

    from the ages 5-9, when that freak was still here and i could have justice

  18. John:

    So many times… when he called me a coward for not protecting my sister when I was twelve. When he destroyed myself and my sisters emotionally. When he spoke about other races in derogatory a manner. When I finally did, I had never felt more proud of myself, I just wish I could have done it sooner.

  19. Blink:

    When she told me to choose her or my best friends of 8 years, I couldn’t stand up to her.

  20. June:

    When I see someone getting bullied or picked on, and don’t do something about it. I really hate myself for doing so, but I guess I’m just scared.

  21. mistie:

    I should’ve said something when someone makes fun of someone else, and when I liked someone else but was too afraid to speak to them. Sad, isn’t it?

  22. Nick:

    Standing up for someone who’s making fun of.

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