Question 12

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28 Responses to “Question 12”

  1. i want to say never but i know i am not that type at all 😛

    sometimes be little laid back is all right, for me.

    in many occasions, i tend to keep track of important things and dip in when i feel like to dip in, do it in my own peaceful pace 🙂

  2. Scipio:

    Next Tuesday. Around two-ish.

  3. Visa:

    When I get it into my head that I shouldn’t wait any longer…:)

  4. cilie:

    when i have graduated from school.

  5. bobby:

    Whenever the time is right.
    Things happen not when you want them to, but when they are supposed to.

  6. Jason:

    Soon…very soon

  7. Anonymous:

    One year from now.

  8. probably never.

  9. when im worth it enough…

  10. April:

    Now. I want to keep him and never let him go.

  11. tom:

    when what?

  12. Evan:


  13. fenixdemilo:

    probably never. unless its talking about life goals. unfortunately my life goals require a lot of savings

  14. Aimee:

    now.. or when I can.. I have to wait for some things.. I’d wait forever for him

  15. Amanda:

    when the time is right

  16. Ella:

    After high school and college…I’ll take a year off, and that’s when I live my life. Then I live my career 😉

  17. Clo:

    When I’ll be 18 and have a car.

  18. sarah:

    when i have the money

  19. Diva:

    I like to plan, but some things are best done sporadically. I guess it’s the difference between spending your life savings on a whim, or deciding to go back to school to get a degree, then it’s two different approaches.

  20. RubenRybnick:

    when the time is right

  21. Nick:

    When I have the strength to do it while not caring about what everyone else thinks.

  22. Morgan:

    When I’m old enough to know better.

  23. Alex:

    who knows?

  24. Alice:

    next year.

  25. Michael Hitchcock:

    Yeah, doing things when they are totally fresh is a great way to live. Even when that thing is planning or preparing.

  26. Rachael:

    When I have more freedom

  27. chichay:

    when i can be braver and feeling worry free

  28. Heidi:

    If not now, probably when I’m in my 40’s….a good 18 years from now.

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