Question 346

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44 Responses to “Question 346”

  1. Anne:

    ukulele. It’s fun and simple, but sometimes I get paranoid that deep down I’m just playing uke cause its easier than guitar.

  2. m:

    In small amounts of written words.

  3. Wes:

    Chainmaille and Photography

  4. Scott:

    drawing with colored pencils 🙂

  5. Laura:

    The piano or my voice

  6. Gracie:

    Singing disney songs 🙂

  7. Aaron:

    I sing to my favorite songs. I don’t know if that’s really expressing myself because it’s not my music, but I love to do it anyways. 😀

  8. anonymous:

    charcoal, paint, voice, poetry

  9. Joelene:

    I dance to express all my anger and hatred. Thats why all my friends think i bottle up my feelings when i dont.

  10. Angria:

    Writing. I also decorate my room with quotes so that is somewhat how I express myself too.

  11. piano and singing

  12. jw:

    piano and words

  13. Leila:

    piano, oil paint, soft pastels.

  14. [nm]:

    I create websites, do art, code and blog…

  15. Writing and singing.

  16. Megan:

    Writing poetry

  17. Ael:

    Writing, painting, guitar, singing, and a razorblade.

  18. Guitar, Voice, Blog 🙂

    Ael, I hope you are ok. Feel free to contact me through my Blog if you need or want someone to talk to.


  19. nocturnesthesia:

    I love to paint. Ever since I went back to school, I’ve had to make do with digital painting because I don’t have enough time or money for the real thing. It’s a cheap substitute.

  20. zai:

    mostly dance, when I can’t dance I write or draw

  21. Drew:

    Music and writing Slam Poetry.

  22. A Dreamer:

    piano, creative writing.

  23. Mer:

    Food or flowers- and sometimes flowers as food.

  24. Kreuz:


  25. Tiva:

    I write in my journal every day, plus I paint pictures every once in a while.

  26. Erin:

    drawing, singing, writing

  27. Rachael:

    Writing. Performing. Singing.

  28. Joey:

    Writing. Film.

  29. M:

    painting with acrylics

  30. sarah:

    it used to always be painting, but now i write a lot more too.

  31. Kat:

    Getting lost in meaningful music, and writing<3

  32. Sapphire...:

    Singing, and writing songs.

  33. mistie:

    I use writing and dancing as an artistic medium 😀

  34. Devin:

    Song, and Narrative writing.

  35. Khiande:

    I use culinary arts (:

  36. Jomz:

    Beat my Acoustic Drums and sing to the music, as well.

  37. Raven:

    Color guard.

  38. Nick:

    Dancing, singing (sometimes) and making art.

  39. I sing all the time and I also write stories.

  40. Rose:

    Writing, photography, drawing, music, and more. Art is my life.

  41. anonimus:

    LISTENING to music and writing(:

  42. Macey:


  43. Emma:

    It used to be just music, but lately it’s writing, taking a song that fits my mood and writing a story going along with it that explains what I’m feeling.

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