Question 349

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  1. Jay:

    Once my mom got really mad at me…..

  2. Drew:

    When my brother wasn’t paying attention to the road and almost slammed into a stopped SUV going 50 miles an hour

  3. Danielle:

    When someone I love loses theirs and I remember how fragile life is.

  4. Kreuz:

    Same what Danielle said. And asthma attacks, when you can’t do anything else but waiting the ambulance to arrive and thinking about: “could I survive that long or do I suffocate before that?” Well, at least that’s a great opportunity to exercise zen if you think it with black humour – you can’t get yourself overwrought or you’ll be dead.

  5. Tiva:

    I had an ex-fiance who would hit me a few times esp when we were drunk. One time, he hit me and scratched my eye. I remember crouching in the closet yelling for him to leave me alone, and he wouldn’t leave. Unfortunately that wasn’t the last time, but I ended up leaving the relationship. When I was on the bus looking out the window, I started to tear up, but knew I would be ok and suddenly I was so happy and free.

  6. V3nD1:

    Once I was alone in the forest and I saw two wolves.

  7. MyBizCoach:

    Late one night, I was walking along a deserted street in Brazil with a friend. We were talking when we came to a small puddle. He went continued around one side of it and my first impulse was to step around the other side of it. I paused for a split second and a silent Greyhound bus whisked past us exactly where I would have stepped. I didn’t have any idea it was coming. I was literally one step from death.

  8. Every time I`m flying. And sometimes in deep depression

  9. jw:

    Once I saw the dead people.

  10. Heather:

    We were driving through West Virginia in the rain on the way to the beach and hydroplaned, spinning around six times and ramming into the guard rails. Surprisingly, no one was hurt more seriously than bumping their heads, but I had no idea how we were going to live.

  11. b:

    everytime i emt.

  12. Michaela:

    When I almost killed myself…

  13. When I shut down my mind towards all my friends and traveled alone without telling anybody my new mobile phone number…

  14. Ael:

    I had a boyfriend who would rape me when he was high or drunk. One particularly bad time he threatened to kill me, and I believe that he would have if my wonderful dog hadn’t been around.

  15. Mia:

    Once about nine months ago, I had just gone through two close deaths and I had lost the lost someone that was very important to me. I felt alone and like I had no other way to leave the feeling behide me and move forward with my life. I thought that my only way out was death by my own hands. I remember laying on my bed was a rope around my neck, the sun upon my face. And I couldn’t do it, the people that are in my life don’t need or deserver what I was about to do. Whatever it was that I was going through and feeling would too pass

  16. iamnothing:


  17. Sophia:

    Everytime I fall down (or up) the stairs..

  18. I once got into a car being operated by a drunk driver. Yes, it was incredibly stupid. No, I will never, EVER do it again.

  19. Rita Martins:

    1- I was going 70mph on a 45mph area and when I saw the red light I didnt have time to hit the breaks because I would stop right in the middle of the intersection, and the only way you could go was a sharp turn to the left. So I just hit the breaks just a tiny bit to be able to make the turn. I didnt get hit by a car by about 2 inches.

    2- I almost got run over by a taxi. twice. in the same week. in the same exact place. one of the times I actually got hit right below the ribs by one of the side mirrors.

  20. Rachael:

    When I was six I came close to being hit by a police car.
    Every time I cut and think suicidal thoughts.

  21. Alex:

    When my friend lost control of the car we were in on the highway. We tore through the grass between northbound and southbound lanes and we came within feet of going into oncoming traffic at 75mph.

  22. Bre:

    When I’m alone with my thoughts, thinking about him and all the things he’s put me through, how I honestly feel like I’ll never be happy again, and knowing there is basically a small pharmacy and liquor store upstairs.

  23. Dusty:

    When the man across the road was murdered.

  24. Rayna:

    When he held that knife to my throat.

  25. CRAIG:

    We went swimming in the sea one night as we often did coming home from clubs etc. Well this one night the current took me so far out to sea that I could not get back. After stuggling for what seemed to be forever, I eventually gave up! Luckily the current bought me back furhter along the coast. Needless to say we don’t do that anymore

  26. Blink:

    Never. Whatever happens, happens. If my life is going to end then I’m not going to fear for it, only celebrate what’s happened in it.

  27. Bryan:

    When people shoot at me with RPG

  28. JR:

    When I was drop face-down from the top of a damn 70-ft tree!
    When they where holding me, I grasp into there hands like my life depends on them.
    They were even teasing me and I was really scared. Dead scared!
    When they finally drop me, for s few seconds I died, and gain back my life midway…
    Damn I hate heights…!

  29. allie:

    When he held the knife to his own wrists I thought he was going to come after me.

  30. M:

    I almost got hit by a car and when I was extremely young I became very dehydrated

  31. Kristi:

    When someone shot at me for repossessing his car. Missed the back of my head by 6 inches. (What I was doing was perfectly legal.) FYI, bullets go right through the back of pick-up truck cabs.

  32. Kat:

    When I came too from him shaking me, crying and saying he almost killed me.
    When he told me if I didn’t flinch, it’d be the last time…for now.

  33. mistie:

    I fear for my life whenever I’m about to fall asleep.

  34. My father driving us up a steep, windy mountain. Lost control on the ice, skidded, bounced against the railings and then came to a stop. This ‘-‘ close to losing our lives. Funny part? My sister slept through the entire thing.

  35. Brooke:

    I felt suicidal so I took to many pills. I didn’t take enough to kill me or send me to the hospital, but after the 5th I got scared and stopped. It was incredibly frightening, I thought I was going to die and I realized it wasn’t right.

  36. Nick:

    When I tried rappelling and zip line. I have a fear of heights.

  37. ******:

    I was riding around in the country woods with some friends and some people I had just met through them one night. I didn’t realize that the person that was driving had been drinking. He took his car through a river and ended up hitting a tree at one point during the ride. Luckily I just hit my head really hard and nobody else was injured.

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