Question 350

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  1. Erin:

    Put on some music and dance around because nobody’s watching and I can do whatever I want to. 🙂

  2. chris:

    I thrive in it.

  3. Jay:

    find peace in being by myself.

  4. Sarah:

    Music keeps me company.

  5. I am trying to find peace within myself too.

    Being alone is good, I need some personal space. But it’s always being with friends makes me smile most spontaneously 🙂

  6. Aaron:

    I just do lots of work. After working, I do lots of studying

  7. Conor:

    Sometimes I enjoy being alone, I even need to be alone sometimes, but there’s a deeper loneliness when I’m really fed up of just having my own company, I feel like I really need someone but I have nobody to turn to.
    When I’m in that place, I think about things. I waste time away on the internet or listening to music or studying, but my drive to do anything useful like working or studying or tidying up etc. is proportional to how content I feel with my life. Not very, recently.
    I sleep a lot.

  8. b:

    i work out and dance to music.

  9. Laura:

    Usually I enjoy being alone, and I always need some alone time or I will get really irritated by people. During those times, I’ll listen to music, sing, play the piano, read, basically do whatever I want because I’m free. =)
    But that said, I do sometimes feel very isolated and alone in a bad way…when that happens, I usually watch a lot of my favorite TV shows or movies, or reread a familiar book, because they give me a place to escape to and keep me from thinking too much and making those feelings worse. This probably sounds stupid and/or pathetic, but it’s like I can put myself into their lives for a little while, when I get tired of being me and living my own life.

  10. Briana:

    Occasionally I find myself drowning in isolation and I can’t get out. I know the best thing for me to do is physically remove myself from my isolation– take a walk outside, go to a coffee shop, go listen to live music. I find that when I am faced with other people, I have no choice but to smile and be friendly and even going through the motions of human interaction brings true happiness and salvation into my body and being.
    Usually forcing myself out of the depths of my isolation is difficult, though.

  11. Debbie:

    Together with my good friend music I enjoy some silence from time to time …

  12. jw:


  13. Walter Schellenbier:

    Screwing the chick in the pic ;).

  14. Sandy:

    If the Isolation is my choice then I enjoy it because it gives me time alone with my thoughts. If it’s not and I feel lonely, then I try to occupy myself with something that keeps me from feeling that way….or I can just observe the feeling and do nothing.

  15. Christina:

    I can relate totally to Conor. Sometimes I love it and need it. But at others i just wish i had someone to talk to, tell everything to, and just to make me feel loved

  16. Anne:

    isolation is fucking aweosme

  17. Sophia:

    I just let myself be sad, I don’t try to be happy if I’m not. I also try to talk, maybe with my mom or dad, that helps.

  18. Zels:

    I enjoy it…I don’t get to be alone or isolated when I am I take time to enjoy it!

  19. Tiva:

    Sometimes I absolutely need it. I just sit in my room and exercise, or watch tv, or play on the computer or read, or write in my journal.
    Sometimes it’s a little too much and I like interacting with people and laughing with them, so that’s when I need to be with family, or talk to strangers, or volunteer at the few places I am involved in, or I send out text messages or emails.

  20. Zoe:

    It’s only recently that I’ve had to ‘deal with’ loneliness and isolation. Before, I used to enjoy the tranquility of being alone. Now I struggle in the loneliness. As Connor said, I need somebody but nobody seems to be there. Talking about it would make me feel better, but who to talk to? I find this very strange. Not depressing or sad, but very amusing.
    I don’t know how to deal with loneliness. I don’t know the solution. But having faith in that time heals all, I try to take it all in. I try to really feel how it is to be lonely. I stare blankly at myself struggling and inscribe it into my memory so that I can call it ‘experience’.

  21. Swish:

    Usually pretty badly.

  22. Vio:

    I talk to my family… every day!

  23. Joey:

    Blast my happy playlist on my iPod and reread every encouraging letter my best friends have read me.

  24. M:

    Reading and writing

  25. Anonymous10:

    Do a lot of running, working out in the gym, reading and writing (depending on my level of concentration), listening to music, watching movies, surfing the net, daydreaming..
    However, the more I do a lot of these things, the more I feel lonely and isolated.

  26. June:

    Music with a meaning and soul.

  27. mistie:

    Any type of art. Music, books, photography, etc.

  28. Brooke:

    Music, of course.

  29. Jomz:

    I do reflection for myself on what good or bad I have done each day.

  30. Nick:


  31. purple-elephant:

    I like to be alone more so then around people.

  32. I write sci-fi stories.

  33. Jane:

    Imagination mainly. Coupled with reading and music secondly.

  34. erika:

    embrace it. :]

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