Question 351

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  1. I know which Korean TV Shows, Series are not that junky but actually fun to watch 😉

  2. Anne:

    not much

  3. V3nD1:

    You don’t have to know something well enough to teach to others. You can teach them all that you know even if it’s not enough.

  4. Angria:

    I tutor in college now and plan on getting my Ph.D so I can teach Theology at the college level. I also have been horseback riding for almost 10 years and I used to volunteer as a camp counselor over the summer.

  5. Sophia:

    Guitar. I am not that good at playing but I know enough to teach others 🙂

  6. jw:

    something to teach someone

  7. Tiva:

    I can teach someone how to work the information desk at the hospital I volunteer.
    I can teach someone how to make the BEST cookies ever!
    I can teach someone how to do my job.
    (I can totally teach someone how to be me, because I’m an expert at being Tiva! LOL!)
    There’s lots of stuff I am good at, that I can teach someone how to do, but what I do best, is teach people by living as an example.

  8. Aaron:

    I love that last idea in Tiva’s post. I teach others by being an example.

    If I had to teach others something personally, then I could teach them how to workout without hurting themselves. I could also teach people how to play hacky sack, how to swim, and how to be me!

    Other then that, I couldn’t teach much. 🙂

  9. I could teach someone else to crochet, cook, bake, and sew. I think I know enough to teach someone how to play the piano and I could teach someone how to introduce themselves in Japanese and a few other words. I could also teach anyone who wanted to know about my faith in Jesus Christ. I really hope to lengthen this list as I continue to get older.

  10. Swish:

    How important it is to love, and be loved.

  11. Jay:

    All of these skills can be shared at, to give and receive teaching in a new skill

  12. Kristy:

    Oddly, computers. xD
    Which is exactly why I’m planning to get a degree in computer science. Haha.

  13. Valley:

    how to draw a peacock.

  14. Brooke:

    High school relationships aren’t worth the pain. We aren’t mature enough to handle our emotions yet, plus we have our futures and school to worry about. It’s just too much to balance.

  15. Nick:

    Cool animations that one can do on Powerpoint.

  16. Lauren:

    I can give you the dumbed-down, nitty-gritty version of the 2008 economic downturn in about 5 minutes.

    I can tell you which energy drinks taste the best, how long they’ll take you, and how quickly you can expect a crash.

    I can tell you why the earlier Switchfoot albums are way better than their latest ones.

    I can explain how to use grammar correctly in almost every situation.

    And finally, I can give you an explanation of my religion in a very personal or impersonal way why I believe the way I do.

  17. Smail:

    Computing, internet and the most useful websites and softwares ! thanks to god

  18. Alex:

    How to live a good life

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