Question 354

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  1. Namunyak:


  2. Heather:

    Having someone to share the load, whether it be a friend, coworker, family member, or significant other.

  3. Christina:

    knowing the beach is just an hour or so away, and having a good talk with a good friend/knowing someone is there for you

  4. Gracie:

    Friends and music.

  5. Derek:

    Money money money

  6. V3nD1:


  7. Kirsten:


  8. sunshine

  9. Giselle:

    being happy.

  10. A:


  11. Enkh:


  12. Making the hard decisions.

  13. Jon:

    Marijuana. I don’t really think it needs an explanation…but it just makes everything so much more tolerable/easier. Pretty hard to disagree with that haha.

  14. artisan bread in five minutes a day 🙂

  15. Sophia:

    Friends and family.

  16. Aaron:

    My friends, music, warm weather, getting stuff done way before you’re supposed to have it done, studying for classes, family, money, and working out often.

  17. Tiva:

    Knowing he will be there for me when I need to feel loved and supported, when I need a laugh.

  18. Leila:

    love. given and accepted.

  19. Anne:

    Music, free time

  20. Rachael:

    My best friends; my horses, dog, cats; my family; photography; writing; singing; acting; laughing; dreaming

  21. kg:

    Putting things in perspective.
    Friends and Family.

  22. not over-thinking 😉

  23. missy:


  24. CRAIG:

    You can cope with anything that life throws at you as long as you have money to get it fixed

  25. Kelly:

    Believing in yourself – you are the only one that can really make things happen

  26. Inez:

    Just hanging out with him and pretending we never hurt eachother knowing that we still care for eachother and our future relationship wont completely ruin our friendship… make sense?

  27. AJ:



    @Inez Makes sense to me, I have been there!

  28. Ike:

    Music friends family nature and good ol marijuana

  29. Vio:


  30. Kat:

    Relax, smile, and enjoy.

  31. Bryan:

    Other people’s miseries, having someone to look at and think “At least I’m not that dude”

  32. Aleyna:

    Knowing that everyone is living a life with it’s ups and downs and we all end up in the same place anyways. I can’t fret about other peoples successes or fails when I think of this, instead I just relax and enjoy my own ride!

  33. Cath:


  34. nina:


  35. Samantha-Jane:


  36. Daniel Butcher:

    Life is easy. We choose to complicate it.

  37. mistie:

    Art (any type), healthy relationships, imagination, and spirituality (any type) will make any life better.

  38. Brooke:


  39. Jomz:

    Music and other forms of relaxation.

  40. Atomickey:

    Blankets 🙂

  41. Nick:

    Knowing that your family and friends support you throughout.

  42. Vilho:

    When one understands that life is not easy.

  43. GingerHair:

    Right person by your side.

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