Question 355

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  1. Drake:

    That my god or absence thereof is just as “real” as yours even if no one else validates it. It’s about spiritual interconnection between human beings and love and understanding, not outward focus on veneration of something that holds omniscient power over you.

  2. Kelly:

    Life can be as easy as you want it to be – it doesn’t have to be a drama. If your life is not going the way you planned it then 99% of the time it’s down to self sabotage.

  3. Kathryn:

    I wish people would realize that no matter how hard they think it is somebody always live a more difficult life then them.

  4. kp:

    Love supersedes all. We are all the same in the sense that we were all given mortal bodies. What sets us apart from one another are the emotions and ideas we are capable of conjuring up.

  5. bis:

    That the sun is a star.
    If you love it do it and screw the rest.
    What happens, happens.

  6. dk:

    that people dont need to listen to others to have a good life

  7. Wesley:

    That there is no reason why you shouldn’t be happy.

  8. Bryan:

    Who they are

  9. Kate:

    That we are all human, no matter what differences or faults we may have.

  10. Desiree:

    There’s a lot more in world than people’s own idealistic bubble

  11. Stephen:

    Banks create money, then lend it out to everyone, including the government. (and charge us for the privilege).
    This is the true cause of the financial crisis (and the previous ones).
    Stop fractional reserve banking, and it cannot happen.
    Banks will always create as much money has they can, to make themselves richer regardless of the consequences.

    The government should be the only authority allowed to create money. They have an obligation to the country, and so would have to be responisible with it, unlike banks who’s only concern is how much money they make (create) for themselves and shareholders.

  12. Gwyn:

    Control is the antithesis of love. The greater your need to exert control over other people, the less capable you are of truly loving them.

    Other people are not playthings, possessions, prisoners, or puppets.

  13. kayla:

    that only after we cut down the last forest and pollute the last river will we learn that we cannot EAT MONEY

  14. Ran:

    Love is all you need. God=love. He is everything.

  15. Dale:

    That we are slaves to technology. How many people do you know that don’t have a mobile phone?

  16. Soulcatch:

    That not everyone is created equally, and no matter how much you wish it to be so, it never will be.

  17. Rick:

    Religions can coexist. They can be used to make peace, not for forcing beliefs and ideas down one’s throat.

  18. olga:

    each person finds their own, “truth”, it is individual. find out what that is to you, and accept the fact that it is not necessarily going to coincide with what others find to be their personal truth. then go with the flow. everything works out eventually, no matter how much or how little you stress.

  19. Cody:

    That an understanding, passionate, kind hearted, artistic man ISN’T gay. He cares about humanity.

  20. Anonymous:

    life is too short to hate

  21. Katie:

    Hating people is a waste of time.

  22. stephanie:

    That weed won’t kill you. But alcohol will

  23. Mike O.:

    Stupidity runs this world, driven by fear. Don’t believe everything you hear. Just interpret what you hear with your morals and ethics so you can decide whether it’s right or not.

  24. Adam:

    That we all breath the same air so we’re all the same.

  25. Nick:

    That God isn’t real.

  26. Justin:

    That we’re all human, we all have the capacity to change and learn.

  27. Claire:

    no matter what the world is still an enormous place

  28. ProZack:

    The “simple fact” that putting the phrase “simple fact” in front of something DOES NOT MAKE IT FACT!

  29. Eowyn:

    That their religion just as ridiculous as all the others.

  30. June:

    We’re all equal.

  31. mistie:

    I wish more people understood that no matter what we do or believe, we’re all equal and human.
    That fighting will never convince anyone of anything more than that they hate you.

  32. Devin:

    That you should love everyone.

  33. Quinn:

    People are people, Love is Love. If two people love each other be happy for them because they have found something special.

    Parent’s love for their children should be unconditional. Home should be a sanctuary, a safe place, no matter what home should always be a good thing that is free of fear.

  34. c.trip:

    it does not matter what people look like on the outside, but the inside is what counts.

  35. Marisol:

    Life is beautiful.

  36. Craig:

    Life is short and not fair…

  37. Atomickey:

    People are wonderful in their own ways

  38. Khiande:

    No one is perfect.

  39. anon:

    # Life is not fair.

    # No one is exempt from death.

    # Physics rules the universe and biology rules life.

    # The universe does not care.

    # The only constant in life is change.

    # There is always a choice.

    # Wishing never makes it so.

    # A person can’t exceed their limits.

    # A person is responsible for their own happiness.

    # It is impossible to change the character of another.

  40. SarahDylan:

    That Love is the greatest thing.

  41. Nick:

    Everything happens for a reason.

  42. Lauren:

    You will never, ever get anywhere by having a bad attitude or by treating people with anything less than respect.

  43. Marie:

    love does not mean that you want to kiss them or anything like that, but sometimes it just means that you care about some one.

  44. Johanna:

    People change. Just because someone was one way doesn’t mean they always will be.

  45. Jane:

    That killing others and making them suffer is bad and wrong. Nothing is worth it.

  46. Rose:

    Just because I’m a lesbian, does not mean I like every girl I see. And if someone leans toward a certain race, does not mean they are racist. If you say that you will ONLY date a certain race, then yes, I can see the racist point. But I usually lean toward Caucasians and Asians, but I’m not saying I’ll only date those races. It just gets old.

  47. Emma:

    Your family isn’t necessarily the people you were born into. Sometimes, it’s the people you choose for yourself.

  48. Alex:

    Everyone has flaws, and there is always 2 sides to a story.

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