Question 356

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  1. Gracie:

    With my ex about how being dumped over facebook is unacceptable.

    But before that

    An ex-best friend was being an ass to my now best friend and my ex-best friend and I got in a HUGE fight.

  2. Miranda:

    With my Mom when she said I couldn’t see my boyfriend who I hadn’t seen a week and won’t see again until next week…as the day she grounded me was the only days we both have free. I just feel bad as he didn’t get to see me and he did nothing wrong.

  3. none:


  4. sarah:

    the only time i have ever yelled at anyone in an argument was with my dad, that he needs to stop drinking. its a hard thing to say in a calm voice

  5. Drew:

    With my dad over which is more important…following his religion or the fact that I’m his son.

  6. Heather:

    With my ex about the fact that he had been ignoring me for weeks and questionably cheating on me. Two reasons that he is now my ex.

  7. Jo:

    with my daughter. she accused me of not loving her all her life. it hurt so bad when she said that and i lost my coll. i said things that hurt her back and now i can’t forgive myself.

  8. Aaron:

    My mom about keeping the house clean.

  9. Susan:

    Do FB arguments count?

  10. Anne:

    I honestly can’t remember, but that last time I argued with someone in general was over the pronunciation of the word “lol” and whether or not “pawn” is interchangeable with “pwn”. these arguments are the best.

  11. tiny:

    over the direction of my career/life, and how it’s not going to be dictated by money or other people.

  12. Nic:

    With myself. About love… and people.
    Neither me nor myself came to agree at the end

  13. Linda:

    The most furious arguments I have are the ones I have with myself and they almost always center around the same issue: why do you consistently sabatoge your own happiness?

  14. Kelly:

    Money and Trust

  15. dk:

    collage with my mom

  16. JR:

    About my team, the Miami Heat.

  17. Religion

  18. Julz:

    With a girl about how she is going to “build” her baby when they have the technology so that her kid will be smart, good looking, or whatever. I think its totally awful and when i have children they are going to be 100% real.

  19. I:

    With my dad and brother. They said that I am the worst kind of smart person just because I believe in God.

    By the way Drew (I’m guessing the argument was because you’re gay, if it wasn’t then I’m sorry) I don’t think being gay is anything to be ashamed of, in my eyes God still loves you as he was the one who made you how you are and that if your dad doesn’t accept that it’s his own fault. A parents love should be unconditional and for what it’s worth I think you are so brave coming out to someone like that knowing what they might say. I’m proud of you and good luck with the rest of your life 🙂

  20. I was fighting with my roommate on the subject of if all art is worth saving. This was brought on by a art preservation class we had and our professor had brought in two painted back drops from the fifties. My room mate didn’t think they looked nice so she believed they where not worthy of documenting and preserving. Where i felt very differently and the argument when on for 3 hours almost.

  21. Alexandra:

    He cheated, and he said it was over between them; but, he would tell her that.

  22. Valley:

    about getting rid of the gnats out of my locker.. with Mrs. Sitton.

  23. Brooke:

    When my ex-best friend screamed at me over the phone. I mean I guess it wasn’t a fight, since I refused to contribute, but I guess it counts…
    people are so immature.

  24. Nick:

    How he insists about changing his attitude, yet, does nothing about it.

  25. Riddle:

    To my friend about how she was hurting our mutual best-friend

  26. Alex:

    Religion and how no matter what, no one truly knows if God exists.
    Only time and death can tell us.

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