Question 357

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  1. Jay:

    I would study artifacts from the past, and teach others

  2. Catherine:

    Getting people who’ve passed away ready for funerals. I don’t think I could handle that.

  3. Eric:

    Can’t think of anything at the moment that I would not do for the right amount of money . Guess I’m a bit of a whore like that.

  4. m:

    Underwear model. For the sake of everyone else.

  5. Gracie:

    i would never do whatever the people in that picture do

  6. Piera:

    i could never study deep sea animals, they freak me out.

  7. Angria:

    It don’t care about how much I could be paid. If I don’t like it, then I am not doing it. Hence, why I will be the only teacher in a family of doctors and scientists. I feel like money is another family member sometimes.

  8. V3nD1:

    In country there is a saying that there is no shameful job and if you want to be well paid one day you have to start somewhere.

  9. Justin:

    A doctor. No matter what field, I am afraid of making a mistake by a wrong analysis.

  10. Dale:

    Prime minister or president. Or any politician. Or the person that kills people that get the death penalty.

  11. Kathy:

    anything involved with an abortion clinic. I support a woman’s right to make that choice, I just could not imagine being involved in it.

  12. ChaCha:

    I would do any job. As long as it meant I could support me and my family. I’m not so selfish as to not do a job just because it doesn’t suit me. Sometimes you need to understand your priorities.

  13. if I have a voice that can please people, I want to sing 🙂

  14. sugar:

    I would not be the person to “dispose” of the “waste” at an abortion clinic, no matter how much it paid.

  15. KeysaM:

    I can think of a bunch. Anything that involves killing another human being (Army, abortion doctor, etc) and prostitution/ porn. Jobs that are life threatening, too.

  16. Laura:

    I agree with Angria: if it doesn’t interest me in any way, I wouldn’t do it no matter how much it pays. Hence I will never become a politician, a stock broker/financial adviser, or pretty much anything in the business field. I would also never be a prostitute/porn star (not that anyone would want me to anyway, haha).

  17. Kelly:

    I could never do anything that would hurt any animal – not for all the money in the world.

  18. Sophia:

    Prostituted .. Never!

  19. kp:

    A Lawyer. You could not pay me to stand in front of a judge and defend someone who is clearly guilty.

  20. sb:

    A celebrity. Not entirely a profession, just never could do it, or get paid.

  21. jessica:

    clean toilets or clean up poop

  22. dk:

    work at a fast food place

  23. Karine:

    Out of principle, I refuse to do any job that requires tricking people out of their money (or their vote) for my own benefit and not their’s. This means an awful lot of jobs, and not just the obvious ones. Any job that kills, directly or indirectly (again, not just the obvious ones).

  24. Prostitution. Having sex with several people isn’t my cup of tea.

  25. Anoop:

    I would never do anything involved with spoiling a child’s life and that includes
    formal teaching
    child labor and so on..

  26. Rick:

    Working for the IRS or some other form of collecting debt. I don’t want to have to randomly go to people I don’t know and tell them that they owe money to the government or the bank.

  27. nina:

    a lawyer.. deciding the fates of others

  28. *:

    You know, you people made me realize something. I’ll think about my college major for the second time now. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer.

    To answer the question, to assassinate someone. Never will I ever do that — even if it costs a hundred million, or my own life.

  29. ProZack:

    Miner, as in working in a mine.

  30. June:

    An assassination.

  31. Alexandra:

    A doctor that gives abortions.

  32. mistie:

    I’d never be an abortion doctor, prostitute, soldier or marine, anything that kills or oppresses. And I’d never be a lawyer.

  33. Devin:

    Anything that makes profit off the misfortune of others, like a banker.

  34. c.trip:

    becoming an assasin.

  35. Atomickey:

    I could never work with bugs yuck eeewh hate them

  36. SarahDylan:

    I would never knowingly work for an organisation with blood on their hands.

    Although, nowadays, for man different reasons, those jobs are hard to come by.

  37. Nick:

    Selling/showing my naked body, being a hired killer.

  38. Laurel:

    A prostitute.

  39. Jane:

    Cleaning up people’s homes after they have died their. It is an actual job and it seems so terrible. They have suicides and everything.

  40. Alex:


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