Question 359

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  1. Marguerite:

    well im gonna go for a bigger picture hear and say the universe could do without society but in society we could do with out intolernce and the self

  2. Aaron:

    Society could do without the hate. It’s just silly…

  3. Anonymous:


  4. Toon:

    Society can go on without be a Society.

  5. Linda:


  6. Lock:

    I’d bet we would be fine without guns

  7. Kelly:

    Get rid of GREED and we’re half way there.

  8. Rafael:

    The people.

  9. jordan:


  10. Ben:

    To anonymous, don’t say that! you are important! Society needs you, and more people who are selfless.

  11. Ben:

    To anonymous, don’t say that! you are important! Society needs you, and more people who are selfless.

  12. Dan:

    The entire MTV channel.

  13. Matt:

    Society could do without banks.

  14. nearly nothing.

    ugly or lovely, it’s all part of what it is.

    instead of getting rid of sth, slowly changing it seems a better option 😉

  15. Cathy:


  16. Sophia:


  17. dk:


  18. Holly:

    The need for MORE!

  19. Bryan:


  20. Sandy:

    judgement and hate

  21. New world order;Greediness.

  22. maz:


  23. Bleeding Cobra:


  24. Cath:


  25. Peter:


  26. Sian:

    Society, well it could do with a total makeover, why is it telling us that we are not beautiful, it needs to realize everyone is, it could do without all the stereotypes of whats beautiful/ugly.

  27. Alicia:


  28. Kelly:

    Telling young girls that they “have” to look a certain way and feel a certain way. STOP IT NOW!!!

  29. M:

    I agree with Peter: Facebook and I also say boundaries

  30. Anoop:

    I totally agree with everyone above…

  31. sarah:


  32. nessa:


  33. nina:


  34. Sara:


  35. ProZack:

    ^ …. ouch Sara, that one hurts.

    I vote for Television, society could do much better without it.

  36. Devon:

    The constant pressures on women to look a certain way. If there were a particular look that we were all supposed to be, we’d be that way. We’re different for a reason.

  37. Coots:


  38. Emma:

    People who don’t want to be productive with their lives, and just live off of other peoples’ money. The overpopulated world has absolutely no room for people who aren’t trying to better themselves and the earth.

  39. Sam:

    Society can do without the Ipad. Seriously, Steve jobs could have stopped with the Iphone.

  40. ash:

    Materialistic ideologies.

  41. mistie:

    I’m pretty sure society can live without hate, selfishness, and the actions that stem from those feelings.

  42. jaki:

    The negative, materialistic messages portrayed in the media.

  43. Marisol:


  44. Khiande:


  45. hi:

    Your Mom…

  46. bailey:

    All the stimulashons we have. Cars Tvs Ipods and Cells. Now we have become so relant on them it is impossible that we would survie with out all those and many things like them

  47. )':


  48. Jessica:


  49. Alex:

    Greedy politicians

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