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  1. Gracie:

    Falling behind in school


    singing tests

  2. Jackie:

    My parents unrealistic expectations, college applications, getting a job, getting my car, my bestfriend’s depression & suicidal thoughts, the guy that’s not even in my life & never will be no matter how much I care for him, my brother coming home & having one of his anger swings, dissapointing my mom, my dad’s anger swings, my grades, my extracurricular activities, swimming, volunteer hours, chores, my future, cutting, my depression, & being alone.

  3. Laura:

    The fact that I’ll have to get a job soon, the fact that I’m going to grad school next year (and I’m only just turning 20), the fact that I’m rapidly becoming an adult and I’m running out of time to do the things I want to do before I have to “grow up” and won’t have the time/the people to do them with anymore…

  4. Alex:

    Work, going back to school, feeling like I have let down my family and my friends, fear that I might do it again.

  5. The Earthquake which has just hit my home town, luckily my family and house is all ok but the uncertainty of my cities future is stressful.

  6. Eric:

    My age and the fact that I’m still single.

  7. Dave:

    the future

  8. Always Thinking.

    So I am practicing “lay my mind down when finished using it” these days 😉

  9. Aaron:

    This semester in school. I despise my microbio class!

  10. Dan:

    Thinking about women and relationships stresses me out. It’s the one area of my life that I feel empty

  11. A.A.:

    Self-potential. Falling behind and not fulfilling it when I fully know that I can do better.

    Current unemployment. Please, something up there, help me get a job so I can at least somehow support my struggling family.

    The future. It is uncertain whether the career choice I’ve made is the correct one to secure it; passion is the only thing that drives me.

  12. Angria:

    Considering I have ptsd…..a lot of things stress me out :/ I guess school in general and getting into grad school.

  13. Sophia:

    The future

  14. kp:

    College. GREs. Making sure I get into a good graduate program. Dealing with the daily obstacles of life. Watching my dad spiral down into a place where he will never be able to rescued from and knowing that I can’t do a single thing to save him. Double standards within my own immediate family. Not being good enough. Knowing that the guy I am going to marry is someone who my parents will despise the minute they hear about his religious background. The fact that I spent 5 years of my life chasing someone who never had real feelings for me. The fact that I have spent 21 years of my life being completely naive about this world. The high demands of my own conscientiousness. Balancing my id and superego.

  15. A!:

    My future : How to get accepted into the university of my dreams, how to pay for it, and what to study there as well as how to survive on my own when I’m there.

    Also, the constant worry about a couple of my friends and their current conditions. I spend a lot of time worrying more about others than myself.

  16. A.:


  17. AJ:

    My brain is always going and that causes me to stress out, I always think over everything!


    Being late!!

  18. dk:

    my friends, school, family,


  19. Sandy:

    I don’t know what steps to take next to change my life.

  20. Anne:


  21. jw:

    falling behind

  22. nicki:

    Trying to pay our bills.

  23. Maduke:

    Being hungry and homeless.

  24. kathy:

    I agree. I am so afraid of being left with no where to go.

  25. kathy:

    oops I didn’t think my one email worked so I used the other one. Guess I am afraid people wont see my comment!

  26. shep:

    Site of the day god damn well stresses me the f**k oout

  27. Mya:

    I get stressed out lately because I just lost my first child to SIDS 2 months ago and Friday I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I go for testing today to see if I’m healthy enough to do treatment but I secretly hope I am not so I can go be with my son soon.

    I am 27 years old.

  28. allie:

    My family. They have no faith in me to make the right decisions.

  29. erana:

    Am i doing right with myself?

  30. eemdee:

    Work.. the mere fact of stepping foot into that building. PRUDENCE / LARRY

  31. Devon:

    Social pressures. Being surrounded by people I feel I’ll never measure up to. Trying to remember how desperately God loves me and feeling conviction for spending so much time thinking about myself. Worry about whether or not what I’m doing with my life is significant. Feeling like I’ll never find a group of friends that is really mine. My body and trying to learn to love it in a society that hates size 12s and loves size 0s. Trying to be myself when sometimes, I’m not sure who that is.

  32. ash:

    Arrogance. Listening to it, dealing with it, combating it.

  33. jaki:

    1. Falling behind in my classes.
    2. My parents’ divorce.
    3. Moving.
    4. When my friends say that my occasional venting stresses them out and they want me to stop so they can focus on their own problems.

    This week was stressful…let’s just leave it at that.

  34. Brooke:

    How he lives 2000 miles away.
    How he is with her.
    How he is completely over me.
    How I think about him every waking moment of my day.

  35. Khiande:

    The possibility of getting lower than an A, and college letters.

  36. Rachel:


  37. Nick:

    College enrolment and not having 8 hours of sleep.

  38. Nick:

    College enrolment.

  39. Alex:

    Listening to ignorant people.

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