Question 361

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89 Responses to “Question 361”

  1. DV:

    That i love her and she’d does too

  2. manny:

    That I’m schizophrenic, I’m not right.

  3. Lois:

    My love for my gf

  4. Anoop:

    I was about to write that ‘i am sitting in front of my computer’,

    but as everyone here seems so serious I would like to say that “I know I will die”

  5. Hannah:

    That if I lose him, I will be ruined.

  6. Dagny:

    That even if I cannot be with him, I love him and want him to be happy more than anything else. Also:I am sure I am fed up with love right at this moment

  7. lauren:

    that my fiance is my best friend in the entire world, and the most supportive person in my life. i’m sure that he’s made for me, and i for him.

  8. i'msorry:

    that we were real.

  9. katie, 26:

    That ill never be the same person I was ten years ago but ill always be the person I was fifteen years ago.

  10. Rick Davis:

    I’m getting my confidence back…

  11. *:

    That I’m awesome.

  12. Carrie:

    There is always hope.

  13. Samantha-Jane:

    I am where I need to be.

  14. Daniel Butcher:

    If ignorance is bliss, I’d rather be miserable.

  15. Kate:

    That the only sure thing is death. And that is a weird, shitty, and thrilling fact.

  16. Rach:

    That there is a reason things didn’t work out. I can’t wait for the great man God has for me.

  17. June:

    That I’m falling, in every way possible – in love, down a cliff, you name it.

  18. marci:

    that even though I am going through hell and that I feel like fucking dying all the time it is TOTALLY worth it to tuck the little guy into bed each night.

  19. mistie:

    I’m absolutely sure that I can be anything I want to be..

  20. kp:

    That I literally can’t function without him. That I am going to marry him. That he is the only person in my life who has ever truly loved me. That I have waited 21 years to feel loved by someone.

  21. Valley:

    that i’m a failure.

  22. em:

    that I should talk to my roommates, but I don’t want to.
    that I’m impossible to live with, that I should live by myself.
    that I miss my boyfriend, and my home state.

  23. Brooke:

    I am bisexual, even though I’ve been lying to myself my entire life.

  24. E:


  25. Morgan:

    That I’m going to someday marry him.

  26. Nick:

    God is here and everywhere.

  27. Amanda:

    That he is my forever

  28. Shawn:

    I was used.

  29. KayCreature:

    Now !

  30. EJ:

    I will never accomplish my dreams.

  31. Nancy:

    That I’m falling for someone that will never ever fall for me.

  32. AA:

    That nothing lasts forever! For sure

  33. That God is on my side and always will be.

  34. Kathleen:

    I will follow my heart, and my heart, leads to you. I can only hope your heart leads you to me.

  35. Jane:

    I have a terrible pain just below my solar plexus

  36. Colleen:

    I need to stop my bad self body image and bulimia in it’s evil tracks and move on with my life

  37. anonimus:

    Life can end in just 5 minutes..

  38. xox:

    I’m ready to focus on my future.

  39. Hannah:

    Jesus loves me <3

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