Question 13

Photo by: Armando Maynez

30 Responses to “Question 13”

  1. Today, My joy looks like the sun becauses it bright and beautiful. And thats how he makes me feel.

  2. today he’s little shy.
    but not too shy to not show.
    he showed little late today but companied me long 🙂

  3. Marie:

    My every day joy is my 6 month old son’s smiling face =D

  4. Scipio:

    Like Alaska.

  5. bobby:

    Like a sunny afternoon.

  6. Laura:

    A sunflower, always. Because even in the dark they seem to shine

  7. my joy looks like a boy telling me i am an excellent weenie wrapper.

  8. Sam:

    Today, you cannot see my joy. My joy is like a nice sea breeze. Cooling, calming, and nice. The epitome of soothing.

  9. April:

    His smiling face and beautiful green eyes staring into my soul. The pure sincerity.

  10. Monica:

    It looks like a zip line with my sister. 🙂

  11. Sophie:

    A ladybug.

  12. Aimee:

    The same as he does everyday. Amazing.

  13. Ris:

    Today, it looked like two of my close friends singing their version of “You Belong With Me” after school to cheer me up about feeling sick and not getting to see my sister’s dance recital.

  14. Ris:

    Reruns of Victorious on Nickelodeon

  15. Gracie-Lou:

    like a single white feather floating on a pond.

  16. Diva:

    A distant shadow that’s walking towards me.

  17. Megan:

    Pictures of me and two of my friends from sunday school in a photo booth at our temple’s party expo

  18. Sarah:

    My Grandma.

  19. RubenRybnick:

    as in a physical representation? hmmmm the sun

  20. anon:

    bringing smiles to other people’s faces and getting positive feedback on my project 🙂

  21. Nick:

    All smiles.

  22. Morgan:

    Like sitting in my PJ’s doing nothing 🙂

  23. Alice:

    like the sound of the wind in my hair.

  24. Michael Hitchcock:

    It looked like a sandwich when I was hungry. Rent is do soon, now it looks like a help wanted ad that is just right for me.

  25. Rachael:

    It looks like a bouncy little puppy

  26. Rowena:

    My joy looks like the sun. Always there but sometimes leaving.

  27. ali:

    It looks like a sunny afternoon by the lake at some chateau with a big mug of lemon tea, time to think and be all by myself to enjoy.

  28. chichay:

    wind, i can’t see it

  29. Heidi:

    Baby thumps and bumps from the squirming miracle inside me.

  30. Sebastian:

    Jessie’s smile.

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