Question 362

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  1. Victoria:

    made new memories without him. making my new life without him day by day

  2. Thought about and internalized more questions about myself and my perceptions of the world around me than I thought I would.

  3. Gracie:

    Transfered out of one elective into another where I help kids with intense disabilities (down syndrome, can’t talk/hear, etc) and it was very sobering…

  4. Aaron:

    Got a great grade on my english paper; and I hate english!

    Even earlier that week, I went to IHOP with one of my friends that I don’t hang out with much. We only hang out on the weekends because I’m so busy with school work.

  5. Sandy:

    Went to a beautiful place with someone I’m falling for and spent more time getting to know ezch other. It was magical.

  6. Anne:

    I made a new friend, and my phone died because we were texting for so long.

  7. B3SH0Y:

    learned to stop caring and move on.

  8. Kirsten:

    It took me a long time to remember what I did last week, if that’s any indication.

    I went to two 18th birthday parties, which was fun, and illuminated how young I am compared to many of my friends, made me excited to grow up though!

  9. Jodie:

    My spiritual sistagirl Joycelyne had a mini-stroke (though to me the word stroke deletes the word mini) on Wednesday. As we sat in the Emergency room triage watching the tv guide channel & eating Welches fruit snacks, every staff member that entered her room said something spiritual- including the Doctor.

  10. Dave:

    getting a tattoo!

  11. Heather:

    Got my heart broken into tiny pieces, broke his heart along with mine, and kept going.

    I think that’s pretty significant.

  12. jw:

    my first gamble

  13. noely:

    returning to be under the will of God. We broke it off to find God again and be who we are meant to be. i beleive that if its God will for us to be together again then it will be for real. he will come to me and i will come to him and it will be everlasting and forever.

  14. A Dreamer:

    I cried, but then moved on. Because now I know who really cares about me, and who doesn’t.

  15. Bleeding Cobra:

    Made new friends.

  16. Justin:

    Spending time with my date and falling for her. =). I really should stop thinking how I got here.

  17. Esoteric:

    Made the most magnificent tiny vintage tattoo cake.

  18. Pandorai:

    I saw my boyfriend, my all for the few days that I do in each month, I made him happy he made me happy, spent time in each others arms, and took a long walk along a beach. couldn’t of asked for anything more

  19. Jessie:

    I got engaged to the most wonderful man <3

  20. allie:

    i quality time with the love of my life. he has been really busy lately so it was a lot of fun.

  21. allie:

    also, congratulations jessie!

  22. christina:

    i celebrated my 22nd birthday on the 22nd. my two best friends of 3 three years stopped talking to me, but i took my little sister out for my birthday. in the end it was a great birthday.

  23. Alia:

    For the first time in a long time, I didn’t wonder why I was still fighting. I sat with my best friend until 2 in the morning, wrapped up in his comfort, and I didn’t feel lonely

  24. Rachel:

    Last week, I calmed the writhing inside, the pull for affection.
    I live 1,100 miles apart from my first, real love, and for the first time last week, I found myself telling him when to love me. Confiding my turmoil in my gracious older sister, she explained that sometimes love is quiet. That movies probably taint us, make us think everyone’s always supposed to shout love from the rooftop, and buy things, and sing things, and do everything about it. She asked me to subdue the hand that reaches for that, and to instead see all the ways in which he loves. And loves he does, he wouldn’t still be here, stomaching my over analysis if he didn’t. So I should say, last week was memorable because my sister taught me how to see, or hear rather, when he is loving me quietly.

  25. M:

    I sat inside on a cloudy day, opened the windows, and spent the entire day in bed.
    To Chiristina,
    Happy SPECIAL birthday. (You know when you turn the age your birthdays on?) Unfortunately my birthday is on the first so that has passed. (My birthdays on April Fool’s Day)

  26. Jillian:

    save a puppy

  27. Lydia:

    I stood up for a girl that everybody else made fun of beacause she was losing her hair

  28. Sarah:

    I went to Corpus Christi, Texas for the first time

    and I met the majority of my boyfriend’s family for the first time

  29. June:

    I gave away my phonenumber. My little brother smiled at me for the very first time.

  30. AM:

    Took my beautiful daughter to Disneyland for spring break, and capturing her child hood smile 🙂

  31. jaki:

    I dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s version); it was a costume I’d made myself, and I wore it for a rally at school. I was happy to get a lot of compliments on it, though it was my first sewing project I’d really ever done, and I had no pattern…so it turned out much worse than expected. Haha.

    The rallies last week in general were really memorable. Spirit week is awesome. 🙂

  32. Oozy:

    I partied on a couple of incredible beaches in Thailand, covered in body paint and drinking buckets while dancing for hours and talking with good people celebrating the Full Moon and my 23rd birthday. Pretty surreal.

  33. kyle:

    i feel asleep in my boyfriends arms, and woke up with him staring at me.
    and he kissed me and told me he loved me.
    it was the best way to wake up.

  34. Brooke:

    Told him how I felt.

  35. Nick:

    Confirming my college slot.

  36. Riddle:

    I performed in my school production. It was the most anxious, stressful, delightful, crazy, wild adventure of my life! there were times when I broke down, times when I wanted to pack it all in (Seriously, you have NOT met my drama teacher) but in the end I loved every minute of it.

  37. xx:

    You know, I dont remember…

  38. B:

    Spend an hour talking to a great friend. He made me laugh, laugh so hard I cried and just uncontrollably laugh-cry until my side hurts.

  39. AM:

    had a job interview and they called me the following day to offer me the job! 🙂 WOOHOO!

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