Question 364

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  1. Heather:

    The power to be there for someone that needs them without being told to do so.

  2. Krissy?:

    When a person doesn’t ask for compensation or recognition. They do the things for the sake of being a good person

  3. Bleeding Cobra:

    Being there when nobody else will.

  4. B3SH0Y:

    i agree with all three posts above me.

  5. Justin:

    Doing something courageous that no one else has the guts to do.

  6. Kelli:

    The courage to stand up for what they believe in, even if that means they stand alone.

  7. Nic:

    most of the times? being the last one to notice that everybody else’s running away

  8. Aaron:

    A hero is a person to sacrifices themselves for the greater good of others, a person that acts for the better of others even if it puts them in harms way. A hero can be anyone. Your mom, dad, best friend, or even your dog. A hero is strong, brave, and something that everyone needs in their lives.

  9. jw:

    I agree with the third post.

  10. Kathryn:

    Doing the right thing even if society says it is wrong.

  11. Turk:

    A cool cape.

  12. lena:

    When someone takes love and turns it from an emotion into an action, they are a hero.

  13. i agree with b3shoy

  14. Sophia:

    People who put others in front of themselves is heroes.

  15. dk:

    saving someone. from a burning building, sickness, themself, bullies. whatever it is as long as you saved them, you are a hero.

  16. LP:

    Someone who has the courage to do something that terrifies them.

  17. Bryan:

    A hero is a regular person that does what any other regular person should be doing but don’t.

  18. mm:

    Someone who has the ability to make each person he gets to meet feels as if they are the most important person in the world.

  19. Dustin:

    a good hero is someone who shows their courage, determination, and has good timing for the situation.

  20. Anoop:

    Real hero is someone who knows that he is never going to be known as a hero and still does what he believes in.

  21. Jessi:

    a hero is some one who, even facing the worst consequences, will never break their loyalty to what they believe in and will always do what they know in their heart to be right.

  22. Roy:

    ‘My father said once that a hero is someone
    who simply got too frightened to use his good sense and
    run away, then somehow lived through it all.’
    (A quote from Raymond E. Feist the Riftwar Saga book 2 Silverthorn)

  23. Heroes do the right thing, not because they’re not scared, but in spite of being scared.

  24. Kat:

    Someone doing what they do because they choose to, not because they’re forced to.

  25. Bryan:

    In response to Annop,
    “Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight. “

  26. ProZack:

    Sacrifice and selflessness… even if only for a moment.

  27. ash:

    Anyone who can make someone else cry with happiness.

  28. mistie:

    A hero is someone who does something they’re uncomfortable doing just for someone else’s wellbeing.

  29. jaki:

    Being an upstander when everyone else chooses to be a bystander, especially in a dangerous situation or a situation where being the upstander could lead to discrimination or personal ridicule.

    Being a true hero means you put the needs of everyone else before your own, in any situation.

  30. c.trip:

    having faith in yourself. having faith in other people. having faith in strangers.
    sticking to your morals and being open to what others have to say. being strong being courageous. doing it from your heart

  31. SarahDylan:

    Acting out of Love no matter what.

  32. Nick:

    Being ready to help anyone in need.

  33. Any selfless act.

  34. cpm:

    to save ur self for ur self

  35. AA:


  36. anonimus:

    proving people they’re not alone 🙂

  37. Alex:

    Doing something courageous. Standing up for yourself, someone else, or something you believe in.

  38. Eljai:

    Rising to a challenge/situation that another person fears they would not if they were in the same circumstances. A hero is in the eye of the beholder.

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