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  1. Heather:

    Often through middle and highschool…

    I liked books and anime and manga, so the automatically assumed I was a freak and a loner and a fangirl that freaked out and misused Japanese words.

    It really pissed me off.

  2. Angria:

    I am constantly stereotyped due to my Theology major. People think that makes me want to shove religious doctrine down their throats, when in actuality, I am trying to figure out God and religion for myself. Whenever I am carrying one of Theology texts in my arms, people either stare or stop talking to me once they realize what it is.
    I don’t really mind it because I am used to not fitting in with the norm, but it does get lonely sometimes. What is funny is that other Theology majors stereotype me because I am not religious like they are….

  3. Gracie:

    I am in special ed this year (where all the “gangsters” are) and people assume “I’m one of them” now its really dumb.

  4. Dave:

    People commonly assume I am gay because of my involvement in LGBTQIA issues and the Pride button I keep on my bag.

  5. Kat:

    Everyday. I hate high school. lol

  6. Aaron:

    When I was in middle school and early high school. I was small, had glasses, and had braces, so I was considered the nerd and got picked on frequently. Then I started playing sports and exercising…take that and shove it down your throat you stupid bullies! B)

  7. Ael:

    Every day throughout junior high and high school. I’m your stereotypical “goth” or “emo” kid, but then I come home to one hell of a family, and I essentially raise 2 kids (my sisters).

  8. Justin:

    I was stereotyped young to be a “mentally retarded” child because of my deafness or bad disability with my leg. People commonly thought that deaf people or disabled people couldn’t do anything when really, growing up, I find they are wrong and I find deaf people and disabled people of all kinds are doing amazing things to our world. Why we judge people so easily?

  9. very often when I say I`m a christian! hate it

  10. allie:

    whenever i get good grades people always assume i am a nerd and a boring person.

  11. Chatman:

    It would be great if people would stop saying I “act white.”

  12. b:

    when people think all i am is an athlete nothing more and nothing less.

  13. Olivia:

    All the time. I don’t think there’s a school day where I don’t get some sort of blonde joke.

  14. Ike:

    People think im a lazy douche just because i smoke the occasional joint

  15. Some Girl:

    Every day! I’m in a top sorority at a huge school, so people automatically assume I’m stupid, sleep around, and have no morals. Well, I have two difficult majors in which I receive A’s, I’m in an exclusive relationship, and I’m incredibly involved in my Christian faith. Why judge a book?

  16. Shian:

    In high school i had piercings and black hair; therefore i MUST be a goth.
    Nothing about my personality was ‘goth’ i just enjoyed standing out with new piercings.
    People need to get to know a person before they judge.

  17. Zaineb:

    I am a Muslim Arab American. I have been yelled at, taunted, spit on, mocked, shoved, insulted and falsely accused of everything from the 9/11 attacks to US involvement in Middle East affairs.
    Some days, I wonder what it’d be like to be seen and treated like a person, not a stereotyped political statement.

  18. Veronica:

    I am a Mexican American.

    True blue to my heritage and where I am from. I have been told to go back where I came from numerous times. I have been told that I will not get no where and expect that I have no papers and that I am an immigrant. Told that I will not make in high school with out getting pregnant. Let alone graduating from one. I have been assumed to be in a gang or have my family members part of one. I have been treated like a criminal. To not be trusted. I have been taunted on because of my accent or heritage. I have been told that where my family has grown up in the Chicago area which is Little Village and/or Pilsen are horrible neighborhoods. When they don’t see the color and culture pouring out of the streets.

    My stereotype? I am an immigrant here illegally who cannot speak one word of English. Who came here to mow your lawns and watch your kids clean your house.

  19. sb:

    last time i was judged was by a good friend yesterday, by classing me as ‘one of those’. It pissed me off so much. However before that all the time, I was an unpopular girl in a class of bitches, I learnt to deal with it but it was quite lonely.

  20. Sophia:

    It happens everyday. I do it myself without knowing it and other people do it without knowing it ..

  21. Liz:

    My brother and I are both from Guatemala, we were adopted during our childhoods. The neighborhood I grew up in was all white people and everyone single one of them assumed we were here illegally and they still do when I go back home.

  22. Harry from Toronto:

    I am studying to be a paralegal and I have a 4.0 GPA. At one point, a person told me that the reason I was doing so well is because I am a Jew.

  23. Rick:

    I’m an Asian American.

    I take five AP classes and have a 3.92 GPA. I’m good at math, namely statistics and physics.
    It’s hard for me to get a girlfriend.
    I’m almost done with high school, but I haven’t gotten a license yet because I failed most of my practice tests.
    I eat rice everyday.

    But I want to defy the stereotype of us being used for cheap labor. So I’m gonna be a mechanical engineer one day because it’s fun, not necessarily because it pays good.

    Ultimately, I want to carve my own path.

  24. Kathryn:

    I live in Texas and I know most people that live in the north think that Texans are hicks.

  25. Cody:

    when people think I’m gay because I’m a male cheerleader, I’m completley straight and am not at all what they think.

  26. Evette Moton:

    People always consider me a SBP (Single Black Parent)..I am divorced as are many of my white counterparts…and people are always shocked my children value Education

  27. zai:

    all the time
    every time someone see me I can tell that they have stereotypes about stupid blondes and it’s not easy to change their mind

  28. Devin:

    People think that because I’m a White guy that I have it better than other people. Fuck that, it’s not true in the least, I’m sad to inform you. People seem to think that just because I don’t believe that I have it better than anyone else, that I must be prejudice. Hardly, I make a point to love everyone and hell, I couldn’t call myself a Communist if I didn’t believe that everyone deserved the same opportunity. I just think you’re blaming the wrong person when you don’t.

  29. em:

    Some see me as the quiet loner/loser, but sometimes I’m just shy or not even interested in the situation.

    I was called a stoner once based on how I talked. That was a first.

  30. Brooke:

    In 8th grade I used to wear a lot of eyeliner and wear dark clothes. People always called me emo and depressed, but if they would have gotten to know me they’d have realized I was weird and bubbly. People can be such assholes…

  31. Khiande:

    A few weeks ago, a classmate of mine was ranting about someone we mutually disliked. I reached in my book-bag to get something, and he says, “Go on Khiande, pull out your gun!” When I asked him what made him think I had a gun, he said because “every black person has a gun with them”.

  32. Morgan:

    I get the dumb blonde stereotype everyday. And I’m not stupid, but people act like I am.

  33. Nick:

    Everytime when people first see me as a snob, stubborn guy because of my “bad boy” face.

  34. Lauren:

    When I mention that I played lacrosse in high school or that I went to a private school, people automatically assume that I’m a stuck up rich girl. They don’t know that I was on scholarship and had to work in the summer to pay for my education…..

  35. Kara:

    People think I worship the devil because I’m an atheist. Which is a pretty stupid thing to think.

  36. Shawn:

    Sure. Stupid blonde thats nothing but a tease.

  37. purple-elephant:

    I like to dress differently and I add a bunch of color to my hair and people judge me saying that I am into drugs and that I’m not a good person, but in reality I hate drugs and not a bad person

  38. College, and even after graduation. Having people see me as subversive just because of the university where I graduated.

  39. Johanna:

    Pretty much my entire life. I am quiet and do fairly well in school.

    What people fail to realize is that I’m not a nerd; my dad was abusive to me and if I spoke up, I was hit. If I did poorly on something, I was hit. I was better off doing well and keeping quiet than trying to break the stereotype. If people bothered to look, there was, and is, a lot more under the surface.

  40. Star:

    Because my last name is Ahmed, people like to assume that I’m a Muslim terrorist 😛
    People’s ignorance infuriates me to no end.

  41. Star:

    ^Supposed to be a >:( face.

  42. Amelia:

    I’m Catholic and people always assume I condone pedophiles and worship Mary. Neither, of course, is true.

  43. Jane:

    I get really good grades and people always say how lucky I am to be naturally smart. It really hurts because even when I tell them that the real reason is that I just study so much more, they still don’t believe me and leave it up to natural talent.

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