Question 366

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  1. Aaron:

    When I kicked butt in my last workout. I feel like I’m finally understanding the olympic lifts and being able to execute them. It feels AWESOME!

  2. MM:

    When I went on my first date ever last year. I felt so beautiful!

  3. s:


  4. Jessica:

    Today when I was working a shift for my club- I have the best shift time partners and I got so lucky when they were assigning partners. My shift with them is the highlight of my week!

  5. Piera:

    When I caught my flight just as the last boarding call was being made. There were even people cheering me on as I ran!

  6. Every day when I wake up and realise I have loving friends, family as well as a house to live in and a car to drive to work.

  7. Tiva:

    I feel totally lucky every single day. I have so much in the way of friends and relationships, love and everything I need to be the best me I can be.

  8. Gracie:

    When I got my first kiss 2 months ago.
    I feel lucky to be going to Italy with my high school choir this april <3

  9. loveee:

    everyday i feel lucky, in some way.

  10. S:

    Yo, maybe today, because of the sunshine, but definitely on Monday since I have the best teacher ever. Other times also, I guess. Most days, it used to be, I imagine that starts again in Spring. That’s like, now

  11. Ael:

    Every time I hear his voice, and realize he loves me. Every time I do something ridiculous with my wonderful friends, and we laugh until our sides hurt.

  12. Some Girl:

    When I had coffee yesterday with the boy I like. 🙂

  13. Some Girl:

    When I had coffee yesterday with my boy. I always feel so lucky to be around him. 🙂

  14. my little girl just sang out, behind me “Do the potty dance!” 🙂 – she’s such a cute little angel – hope she does potty train soon!

  15. Teresa:

    When I was in his arms today :3

  16. MONICA:


  17. Hayden:

    Yesterday. When I was able to find out my fiance wasn’t cheating on me

  18. Leila:

    Tonight, as I walked along the beach..

  19. Alicia:

    When I found out that I was having a girl after having 2 boys.

  20. Alicia:

    When I found out that I was having a girl after already having 2 boys.

  21. Sid:

    Since Last month I have been feeling very lucky. I met a friend named Poornima. She came into my life at the best possible time and has been instrumental in changing the way I think. She MMS – Makes me Smile ;).

  22. Rachael:

    I had lost friends who I thought were really close; I found out who my two very best friends are. They have been with me through it all and I am just so lucky to know they are by my side.

  23. jw:

    When I was admitted to my graduate school.

  24. Liz:

    I felt lucky yesterday when a boy in my class hugged and thanked me for what I do.
    I feel like everyday.

  25. dk:

    its been so long. i must say, maybe last year went i went to new york and found the book i wanted that the store said was out.

  26. Sophia:

    I dont know really. I am happy, but I don’t feel lucky.

  27. mm:


  28. Dustin:


  29. Missy:

    Everyday. Because of my amazing friends and family.

  30. Anonymous:

    the minute i read this and remembered just how lucky i am

  31. sarah:

    every time i remember that i will have my brother and sister for as long as we all are alive, and that i’ll never take them for granted 🙂

  32. Laura:

    Today, as I laid on the beach in my beautiful hometown in Florida. There were four college girls laying behind me, obviously on spring break, and I hear them say “wouldn’t it be awesome to go to class and be able to come to the beach after?” and I realized, I’m truly lucky because my school is 5 minutes from the beach and I do that all the time.

  33. Anonymous:

    When a PET scan came out nearly clear for the stage four colon cancer my mom is currently fighting.

  34. Rick Davis:

    Does every day count?

  35. Daniel Butcher:

    About two seconds again – when I took another breath.

  36. Daniel Butcher:

    About two seconds ago – when I took another breath.

  37. abbey:

    Today- because the sun is shining, my friends and family love me and are healthy, and I have an incredible Father that is in control so I don’t have to worry :]

  38. Heath:

    Last night while I was making love to my beautiful girlfriend (4.5 years together!), and then again just now while remembering.

  39. c.trip:

    today. talking to my dad about how our family is able to do so many things other people cannot. how money doesn’t buy happiness, but gives you many more options for choices.

  40. Brooke:

    Reading about the tsunami in Japan.

  41. Kirstin:

    every time I see one of the wonderful people in my life smile

  42. Nick:

    When I scored that one slot for college.

  43. bailey:

    Right now. Im lucky to just be alive

  44. xox:

    Today 🙂

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