Question 367

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  1. Sadies:

    In 2009, when I was 14, I began talking to these 2 guys (15) online. 3 days after meeting them, one of them was in a skateboarding accident and put in the hospital. 2 months later, the day before we thought he was coming home, he died.


  2. Lindsey:

    When my stepdad died.

  3. Kirstin:

    October 2008

  4. Nicole:

    1/10/11, when I lost the most important person in my life.

  5. Morgan:

    When I realized I only had one year left of high school. So much planning for it, so much work involved, and then it’s over. What happens next?

  6. Rachel:

    I actually think that if you live to the fullest, life isn’t short.

  7. Tasha:

    January 12th 2011,when i leaned over and kissed my dad goodbye.

  8. Nick:

    My high school graduation day.

  9. Lauren:

    When I heard taps play and presented the flag to his father. I didn’t know him, but he was my brother.

  10. ':

    when I realized most of my education career has come to an end.

  11. Jim:

    When, at 25, everything I believed in and all my plans and direction in life came crashing down, leaving me with nothing.

  12. Jessica:

    When a beautiful boy passed away in a car crash.

    When people I know started having babies at eighteen.

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