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  1. Aaron:

    They could grab my attention by initiating intelligent conversation. Smart girls are always attractive. Another thing is being as childish as myself. When I say or do things that are deemed as embarrassing or stupid in public, I don’t care what others think. Finding someone that’s the same would be a wonderful thing. I heard this quote somewhere, “we never grow up, we just learn how to act in public.” I agree with this quote, but that doesn’t stop be from acting dumb in public anyways.:D

  2. Jay:

    Asking for it.

  3. B3SH0Y:

    whenever someone looks sad i immediately notice, no matter how subtle it is.

  4. Leila:

    be uncommonly kind.

  5. m:

    Any act of love.

  6. Another girl:

    Just someone who genuinely cares for me, who acts like a true gentlemen- like opening the door for me, and likes to have an intelligent conversation with me. Beauty is more than skin, beauty comes from deep within has always been my motto 🙂

  7. dk:

    all they have to do is talk to me

  8. Rachael:

    Be a good person to anyone no matter what. Right away you have earned my respect by doing that.

  9. I’d say it’s easy to grab attention from me. At the same time, I have two modes, open/focus, in my activities and it’s also easy to recognize. Best to talk to me, or do anything to grab my attention when I am in “open” mode.

  10. Victoria:

    showing that the can actually care about me and won’t lie to me. I give so much love and I just want the same love and respect back

  11. Just Me:

    Make me laugh.

  12. c:

    I agree with m.

  13. Cricket:

    I always watch how people interact with others and simply not me. It seems silly to say but my attention goes to the man who still says, “Sir.” or “Ma’am.” Shows they know respect.

  14. Drew:

    Just be a genuine person.

  15. Sophia:

    Not much really. If they have the same interests as me or want to have a good discussion. If they are just as childish as myself its easy to steal my attention.

  16. Lainie:

    Offer a smile or compliment

  17. miley:

    When a stranger gives you a flower and asks like a real gentleman if he could get to know you..

  18. Meghan:

    Someone who seems to be alone, but smiling in their own little world. At peace.
    Having reasonable amounts of piercings and tattoos also grab my attention. 😛

  19. mm:

    look me right in the eye and smile.

  20. definitely it is smile 🙂

  21. Smile 🙂

  22. Jason:

    I completely agree with Meghan.

    Someone who seems to be alone, but smiling in their own little world. At peace.
    Having reasonable amounts of piercings and tattoos also grab my attention. 😛

  23. Tina:

    one must be there for me like a friend. anyone who can make me laugh is truly something else.

  24. Rick Davis:

    Show initiative and persevere through the bumps in the road…

  25. Sara:

    Not care what anyone thinks. Live life for themselves, and no one else.

  26. emre:

    be sincere.

  27. Sapphire...:

    Talk to me, while looking me in the eye. Be completely themselves.

  28. Heath:

    Smile and laugh openly and frequently. Also, look me in the eyes. Showing a little clevage also helps much more than it should 🙂

  29. zai:

    be nice to me and smile

  30. Katelyn:

    When someone has a great sense of humor and is a little weird. And someone who isn’t afraid to flirt with me. And cute guys with a nice smile and sweet eyes. Someone who isn’t a dick. 🙂

  31. mistie:

    My attention is grabbed when someone does something out of the norm. I pay attention when someone pays attention to me, since that rarely happens.

  32. jaki:

    If I smile at a stranger and they smile back, it gets my attention. So many people brush simple gestures like a smile off, and for others, a smile might be what saves a life. I always make it a point to smile at strangers when I’m in public, and it always gets my attention when they smile back at me.

  33. c.trip:

    be polite have good manners.
    be comforting. but not creepy.

  34. Brooke:

    -Not at all be interested in sex. At all.
    -Have a good taste in music.
    -Just being a dork(:

  35. Kirstin:


  36. Jomz:

    The smile and glance/ eye contact.

  37. philip thorn:


  38. Nick:

    Ask nicely.

  39. purple-elephant:

    It grabs my attention when guys are kind of quiet around a big group of people but are random/crazy/fun. and I like it when people stand out in a way I enjoy.

  40. A smile.

  41. Be observant.

  42. wizz:

    say hello, prolonged eye contact, smile

  43. xox:

    Support, put up with, sincerely help, or stand by me.

  44. Copper:

    Be confident. Talk to me without me having to start the conversation.

  45. Alex:

    Say something loving that I wouldn’t respect and give me a hug.
    Show that you care.

  46. Alex:

    expet… not respect*** typo^ ugh

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