Question 373

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  1. B3SH0Y:

    draw, talk to people.

  2. Angria:

    Chemistry. I’m a theology major and an english minor in college who sucks at math and science, yet I can somehow rock a chem class. Don’t ask me!

  3. TBR:


  4. Science. A bachelor’s and a master’s degree at Caltech sucked all the fun right out of it for me.

  5. Marguerite:

    basketball, im 6ft with every inch smothered in natural talent, one of the most soul sucking things i’ve done

  6. Kelly:

    make people feel bad about themselves

  7. Megan:

    I was on a swim team for a short period of time, and I was good, but I hated it

  8. occasional lies @o@

  9. Helping people analyze their problems. It can get overwhelming when everyone needs your help all at once.

  10. Carmen:


  11. Kat:

    write poems

  12. Dagny:

    Falling in love…

  13. Anonymous:

    Put in the work to do something right, and care.

  14. Vicki:

    Giving blowjobs =]

  15. Bryan:

    Thinking and being somewhat smarter than the average person; understand how it should be but isn’t and knowing the severity of others’ stupidity doesn’t offer a very bright view of the society and what it’s all hype up to be

  16. Lauren:

    Making my friends live in my shadow. Also know as being the best at everything. They think my life is perfect. And I don’t mean to hurt their feelings by being better.

  17. dk:


  18. katie:


  19. X:

    Killing dead animals

  20. Rick Davis:

    My career… And it’s not that I don’t like doing it. It’s just that I’d rather offset the parts that I don’t like, or the 66% of unproductive/busy work, still give 110% to squeeze the most out of the other 34%, and use the time gained to enjoy the other things that are important in life that we rarely get enough time to experience… There has to be a way… 🙂

  21. *:

    Nahh… I don’t think I’m really good at something I don’t like. Well, duh. I’m really good at almost everything — whether be it something I like or not.

    Haha, jk. I heck wish I were actually good at something.

  22. Daniel Butcher:


  23. Heath:

    Fixing most people’s computers.

  24. Alicia:

    Leadership. I tend to get myself in leadership positions, but don’t usually enjoy it once I’m there.

  25. zai:

    swimming…I’m really afraid of water but I can swim very good

  26. c.trip:

    masking my feelings

  27. Raven:

    Piano. I was really good when I played but my mom pushed me to much so I quit.

  28. Me:

    get angry and offend people 🙁

  29. Mike:

    Writing essays. I hate writing essays but I’ve gotten 85% on 13 page essays that I wrote in the last 24 hours before it was due, literally finishing it barely in time to leave for class. The longer I’m at university the more I hate these papers because it’s all theoretical BS and I’d rather be doing something that makes a difference in my life.

  30. Nick:

    Humiliating myself to entertain others.

  31. Jim:

    Fix people’s computers. Do it once, and forever you’re “the computer fixer”.

  32. Jane:

    Playing soccer.

  33. anonimus:

    Jim: hahahahahaha that make me laugh so much(:
    I think being SO nice to people, in the end almost everyone hurt me because of that

  34. Macey:

    Public speaking

  35. Copper:

    Writing papers for school.

  36. Alex:

    Hiding emotion

  37. hexmage:

    So much… I’m packed with talent. I’m not the best, but I haven’t found something I couldn’t do well. At 5’8″ I managed to excel at basketball, as a line backer in football, as track and field, in Chemistry, Calculus, and even in our school play/musical. I don’t find enjoyment in anything I’ve done because it all feels worthless to me because I didn’t earn anything. So I wish I could just be average, and be forced to EARN my skills.

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