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  1. mistie:

    i believe that forgiveness can be a sign of weakness, not strength. I believe that God can evolve over time, which is why no one truly understands Him.
    I hate war and anything like it. I don’t like when people put themselves in groups based on what they believe/think. It seperates people, which is what causes war and mass murder in the first place.

  2. Devin:

    I guess two things.
    1. No one deserves more at the expense of another, and we’d be better off without this policy that “Greed is good.” I love you all, Comrades.
    2. Drugs are not bad. It’s how you use them and how you perceive them that makes the difference.

  3. natasha:

    I believe in Pro Life. Anti Abortion. This is my belief, please don’t try to tell me how ‘wrong’ I am, it’s just my own personal belief. I am not telling anyone that pro choice is wrong. Thanks.

  4. Kate:

    I believe in Karma and being reborn wholeheartedly.

  5. Sadies:

    That I know what true love is.
    I am 16. Many people, including one of my best friends, say I don’t know what it is and I just think I’m in love with him. No.
    I know I fell in love with this boy <3


  6. Lindsey:

    I believe that no one has the right to judge anyone because I think everyone has a story that contributes to who they are now.

  7. Brooke:

    That there is no God.

    I have no hate for religious people, don’t get me wrong, it is just my belief. I respect whatever anyone else believes. 🙂

  8. Khiande:

    I don’t believe in a God.
    I don’t want children.
    I don’t want to get married.
    I don’t believe someone’s personality or beliefs or sexual orientation can be determined by their appearance.

  9. Taylor:

    i believe that all money should be burned. if all forms of money were gone things would be a lot better. plus people need to quit thinking of themselves as a better person than everyone else. everyone is beautiful and equal. 🙂

  10. Aman:

    There is no God…Science can exist how we came into existence
    And aliens do exist:-)

  11. Raven:

    I believe that at everyone’s core they believe in something, even if they aren’t conscience of it and that is what will happen to them after they die.

  12. TP:

    I believe that women are still grossly mistreated even in the most liberal of places.

  13. philip thorn:

    i dont know if there is a god

  14. SarahDylan:

    My faith is an odd one, and although I identify with Christianity perhaps closest many Christians don’t agree with my views.

    I take ‘God is Love’ literally. I think that Love is the single greatest conceivable thing and that said, we cannot really conceive of just how marvellous it really is, we’re only seeing part of it. think that in it’s greatest form, Love is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and has no continence on time and space. Since the definition of the Holy Spirit is ‘God with us’, I believe that when anybody shows true love to another person, that’s the Holy Spirit moving. That’s why when I worship and feel the Holy Spirit, to me it just feels like I’m being filled with Love. I in no way think that equating God to Love subtracts from his awesomeness, it just gives Love more value.

    I also believe that we all essentially believe in the same God, if you have a deity. If there is a God, then God’s existence is not dependant on people believing in him/her, as God will remain nonetheless. Since God is largely inconceivable, I think that each religion is a different interpretation of the same thing. It’s like if it was rumoured that in a cave there was a creature, but you could only see it through a small hole. Some people would look and it would be too dark and they would conclude that it was just a rumour. Others would at different times see different parts of the same creature and resolve that there are many creatures. Another might see something of the creature that made them afraid, and decide that it was intimidating and fearful, whilst somebody else might see it as loving and gentle. But whatever the interpretation, I believe that we’re all chasing the same concept. I think that the society of the time dictates the religion and the nature of the God that those people worship, combined with historical events – for example the Jews experienced being saved from Egypt, and so decided that God was all loving.

    Personally I do not believe in set religious texts, as they were written by men who would have seen things through different lights. Nowadays if there is an earthquake we blame it on tectonic plates and not on any wrong thing that we have done. But back then all there was was the will of God. I think that some historical events has been misinterpreted as God’s wrath, and though I believe that Love despairs with people and situations sometimes, I do not think that Love hates. Thus I reject any idea of God being anything but Love.

    Conclusion: If you believe that your God is 100% pure Love, then, no matter what name you give your God, we believe in the same thing.

  15. Nick:

    My belief in God.

  16. Riddle:

    If you can get away with it, then do it.

  17. Kara:

    -My belief that there is no God. It’s not my fault that I don’t believe in him. I would very much enjoy spending my life with a bunch of nice people believing that if we’re good, that we’ll spend the rest of eternity in a wonderful place, but I can’t. My mind can’t come to grasp the belief that there could be something out there without being any proof. And when I tell people that, they say things that are no where near proof. Like, “read the bible” or they’ll try to tell me a story that’s a miracle, and how “it must have been god’s work” or something. That isn’t proof at all. That’s just sad. Also, I get bothered because of it. A lot of people always ask me questions like “Do you believe in science or something? How could you believe in that CRAP?” Many people hate me because of it, too. Like I said, it’s not my fault. Blame my brain.

    -My belief that homosexuality isn’t a choice. I am not gay, but I know that homosexuality isn’t a choice. It has been proven that you are born that way, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I have a very religious friend who says that homosexuality is wrong. I have another friend who isn’t an atheist like me, but still agrees that it isn’t a choice. But my religious friend doesn’t believe us. That’s another reason why I’m an atheist. Most religions have horrible beliefs, like that there’s something wrong with a person who is in love with someone of the same sex. It’s sickening.

  18. Laurel:

    That the very notion of abortion is an abombination; a woman voluntarily having her unborn child ripped from her womb(barring medical problems/rape).

  19. blz:

    That it would be possible for people to live without the concept of money.

  20. Jessica:

    Lots of things.

    That love is more than a chemical reaction.

    That good is possible in all people.

    That Christmas means more than buying the latest technological gadget for someone..

    That religion is all bad and horrible.

    That the Middle East is NOT a terrible, horrible place, consisting of just sand.

    That babies are boring.

  21. Copper:

    I believe that God exists and gave His son to die for us all so we could be forgiven and join Him in heaven.

  22. Alex:

    That religions are not necessarily always good….
    they have evil within them

  23. SunShine:

    The world was a better place before people..

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