Question 375

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  1. philip thorn:


  2. Maya:


  3. Me:

    we can get EVERYTHING and faster. that’s sad

  4. Nick:

    Some people don’t want to cooperate with some things. They don’t give a damn on what happens.

  5. bailey:

    way to much materialist needs

  6. Kris:

    Everything. We’re slaves to the modern world.

  7. Jim:

    Bureaucracy. Everything has to be documented and funneled through the proper channels and made “official”. It’s pretty well to the point that if I lose a finger in an accident, I need to have a written diagnosis from a doctor in order to be “officially” missing a finger. Weird example, but my point is that everything is getting so dehumanized. Nothing is true unless it’s acknowledged by some arbitrary “authority”.

  8. Jane:

    That it may be killing the future-day

  9. blz:

    That people don’t enjoy it.

  10. Jessica:

    Ah, too many things to choose!

    Facebook/Internet/Social applications, which keep us constantly connected.

  11. SunShine:

    Downside?! I didn’t even know there was an upside! :X

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