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  1. sid:

    yes, i grew up in a very old house where my friends mom passed away, no big deal

  2. Laura:

    I wouldn’t, because I have a very active imagination about those kinds of things, and even imagining paranormal stuff happening scares the crap out of me. If it was really happening, or if I even thought it was likely to happen…it would not end well for me.

  3. Angria:

    It depends…I’m not one who believes in the cliche paranormal happenings like possessions and floating images, but I do believe in left-over spirits and their energies. If a person died a terrible death or even lived a painful life, I think that negative energy affects people.

  4. Grace:

    Oh my god no. I scare myself SO MUCH in NORMAL houses. I could never live in a “haunted house”…

  5. Sophia:

    That is a picture of the opera house in Oslo, Norway 😀 And to answer the question; no, never .. I have been afraid of ghosts since I was a little kid.

  6. Another girl:

    I would not ever do that. It would just freak me out too much even thinking that it could be haunted.

  7. Bryan:

    I’ll purchase it and convert it to a business and use the “haunted” phenomenon as a marketing gig. But as using it as a residence… it’s probably would lose value.

  8. Debbie:

    I would want proof first and if it’s haunted: never!

  9. Drew:

    Hahahaha I’m not very superstitious, though I’d probably talk to him and be chill with the guy. 🙂
    He’s gotta be a little lonely you know?
    No need for blood messages on the wall, leave me a little note, I’ll try to remember to grab him some more milk. 🙂

  10. Heather:

    Oh God yes! Spirits have always been a huge source of comfort and interest! I mean, it can’t be the fault of the spirit residing there that he or she is stuck, right? He or she just wants a bit of company; I have yet to run into a malicious or malevolent spirit. <3 I would welcome he or she with open arms. Also, I might even get a discount on the house! XD

  11. Meghan:

    Yeus, as long as it’s not a haunted tale of mass murder. That’d spook me. 😛

  12. jw:

    yes, it’s interesting

  13. c:

    I think I would. But I don’t believe ghosts are here to scare us, I think they need us. I’d try to help them or a least let them know that not all humans are scared of them and run the other way.

  14. Kate:

    I wouldn’t purchase a haunted house or believe it’s haunted. It will only ruin me mentally and psychologically and I don’t want that to happen 😀

  15. Kate:

    Honestly, it depends on exactly how it’s believed to be haunted. If the belief is that there’s just a ghost wandering around, then I would. But if there’s a belief about some sort of malevolent spirit, I wouldn’t. I’m not superstitious, but the stories that float around ‘haunted’ houses do reflect the general feel of the house pretty well.

  16. Rachel:

    Probably not. I am a paranoid person.

  17. dk:

    i would like to but… i wouldnt be able to sleep

  18. Jessica:

    oh gosh. never. i’d be so freaked out all the time

  19. Sara:

    NO. Ever since I watched the Unborn (which isn’t even scary at all, but you know.) I keep thinking “Jumby” is going to pop out. I know, lame right? I’m too paranoid to buy one.

  20. Kelli:

    T_T My house is haunted, but not like scary omg what was that haunted. Doors open and close, you see shadows out of the corner of your eyes, etc.. And no, I probably wouldn’t have let us move here if I had known before hand. It gets creepy sometimes.

  21. M:

    My house is already haunted, so hell yeah!

  22. Jolene:

    Depends, are the spirits restless, vengeful or anything like that? If yes then probably not but if it was just a residual haunting or a kind haunting, then maybe. Depends on how good the price is. xD

  23. mistie:

    Yes. As a business. I could put up shop on Halloween, and make a ton of money giving tours. I’d lock people in it for fun 😀 i am so not a good person.

  24. scientific:

    since “hauntings” and “left behind spirits” and “negative energies” and all those other ridiculous kind of fuckry are completely illogical and nonexistent, i would buy any house that i decided i wanted if i had the funds. regardless of stories and myths revolving around it.

  25. Ariana:

    Yes, Definitely. I love houses with rich history, or any sort of history. I don’t feel that a house that could be haunted is anything to be scared or wary of.

  26. Rachel:

    after seeing “The Grudge” ? f*ck no!

  27. Nick:

    Nope, I don’t want scary stuff.

  28. Michelle:

    YES. YES. and did I mention YES??

  29. Jane:

    I couldn’t, I have a very over-active imagination. It would not be good for me.

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