Question 380

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  1. Cass:

    No matter how much she pisses me off she gets me (same with her to me): She lets me be selfish..long talks, long and wandering monologues. She is not afraid to tell me I have turned into a bitch and am not myself anymore. She knows how to break my shell. She is as crazy as me. She has been there for the whole of my adulthood….lots lots more…best part I can never be too dressed up or silly!

    We started with the same article of clothing and are headed toward the same career….come on old age with two crazy bitties.

  2. Raven:

    He is the one who is always there for me and I trust him more than anyone else.

  3. philip thorn:


  4. Maya:

    were good for each other, and a whole life of friendship

  5. Brigette:

    We just get along… I can’t pick just one reason…

  6. Nick:

    We share some kind of weirdness.

  7. Riddle:

    Because she can love and forgive unconditionally. She is so inherently good and kind and sweet that she took in this little weird misfit and make her welcome ♥

  8. jimitalo:

    I realize that without having grown up together, we have many things in common and yet we are so different.

  9. anon:

    We are literally the same person.

    -Our moms were both drug addicts to the same drug and we met almost immediately after we moved in with our dads.
    -We love drugs now (both swore against them when we met).
    -Same sense of humor.
    -same level of intelligence.
    -same taste in movies, music, books, food, everythingggg.

    The only difference we have is that he is a soulless ginger.

  10. Moudi:

    Because We trust each other blindly

  11. PufferFish:

    We’ve known each other for over a decade. We’ve grown up together and consequently grown together. People legitimately think we’re sisters. We can practically read each others’ minds and we both have a similar, naive sense of humor.
    She’s going to a college in Alabama this fall, while I’m staying at one here in Virginia. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. A lot of Skype, probably.

  12. Michelle:

    because she’s just as weird as i am. 🙂

  13. My best friend won’t judge me, and even though we’re different people from VERY different cliques, we’re still really close and we cheer each other up when we’re down…we’re like siblings

  14. Bea:

    it is because we’re both BEAUTIFUL inside out 😀

  15. xox:

    They walked out, she stayed.

  16. Emma:

    Whether we’re all together or just one on one, we still act the same. We talk about anything and everything, vent about our days, beat ourselves up, and just feel completely safe with each other. I can actually feel completely happy and be myself with them.

  17. SunShine:

    She is as cray as I am, she never judges me and always stands by my side.

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