Question 384

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76 Responses to “Question 384”

  1. Inge:

    Flowers. To give to random people on the street.

  2. Jomz:

    I’ll make it as my own Music Studio.

  3. Nicole:

    Everyone I love.

  4. Danny:

    Loved ones.

    But if it MUST be an object, then I would have to say books.

    Brother’s answer: Games and loved ones.

    We think alike, don’t we :’3

  5. Cass:

    the toys that have the musical or talking features in them…I would go around and touch every button. I would go to that room and touch the buttons whenever i was feeling down or bored or off kilter…:D

  6. Aman:

    Home theatre and DVDs….lots and lots of DVDs

  7. Maya:


  8. Nick:

    Graphic design materials. Basically computers, software and a wall to create my designs.

  9. Kara:

    A very big box fort, with all the things needed for living. I’d stay in there forever.

  10. BOOKS!!!!! 😀

  11. L:

    mattresses, for jumping and napping.

  12. anon:

    I suppose the obvious answer is money and or valuables, so assuming that’s out because this genie is cheap, I would have to say, whatever will make me content for the rest of my life. Content, not happy. Happiness loses it’s edge.

  13. Moudi:


  14. PufferFish:

    My memories.
    If they could be tangible objects like books or films or the like, that is. I want to watch some of those over again to see what I missed the first time…or just watch the people I miss now.

  15. Michelle:

    I agree with Angria. I wouldn’t be me without a ton of books nearby.

  16. AA:

    Money, like someone else said, as long as i could remove it from the room. If not i’d like to have it full of chocolate and chocolate dipped strawberry lol

  17. Gabe:


  18. Jane:

    Hogwarts. (also I would get magical abilities and be transported back a few years to the age of 12)

  19. Anya:

    paint so i could paint the walls after i got all the paint tins outta the room

  20. Jean:


  21. anonimus:

    A runway, a photo studio, a stage, a party room, a cinema, a reflexion room with music incense and that stuff…

  22. xox:

    books or pillows xP

  23. Alex:

    Then I could buy other things with the money! 😀

  24. Vilho:


  25. Joey:

    if i could have a second smaller room, id say money, if not good books

  26. AM:

    money. haha.

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