Question 385

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  1. Jay:

    Poo in their bed.

  2. Another guy:

    Use or move something out of place, without asking the owner. Also wouldn’t use their telephone without consent, and try not to make a mess of any form.

    Good morning Chen!

  3. Never say Never, because as soon as I do, I do

  4. Leila:

    steal something

  5. Heather:

    Go into their fridge or cabinets if I hadn’t asked first. But I only do that with people I’m just getting to know or have just met; my best friends can expect me to walk in their house to grab a soda out of their fridge, say hi to the Mrs, and be on my merry way. XD

  6. Aaron:

    I don’t know. I would never steal from them, disrespect them on purpose, make their house a mess, um…hehe, poo in their bed.

  7. I would never go through their things…even the closet in the guest bedroom!

  8. c:

    Disrespect their family or whoever else lives in the house. It IS thier house afterall and they have welcomed me, I’m not going to be rude to them.

  9. Angria:

    Use anything without asking permission. Do anything that violates their house rules or judges their way of life. Anything that violates etiquette in general. If it is a dinner party, I always offer to bring something or come early to help. They are welcoming me and it is the least I can do to offer help in gratitude.

  10. sandra:

    I would never make a mess, at least not without cleaning it up.

  11. Another girl:

    I wouldn’t use something without asking, and obviously wouldn’t make a mess, or at least I would clean up after my messes.

    Hi Norway!

  12. Gracie:

    Well, in MOST houses I try to avoid pooping in their bathroom but we have all been in the situation where its just impossible not to. And in most houses I don’t go into the kitchen (for food) without asking.
    That being said, I treat my best friends house like my own (and she does the same with mine) so 🙂

  13. B3SH0Y:

    embarrass them or disrespect them in any way. but you should never do that to a person no matter where you are anyway.

  14. Rachel:


  15. Rayton:

    Disrespect the family! They host me there so I can´t be rude to them. I should eb the nciest I can and that includes acting a s awell mannered person, not stealing anything and not using things without permission.

  16. Jessica:

    Make a mess or somehow be a burden or disruptive of the family.

  17. Hennie:

    Get into the bed without showering 1st.

  18. Dan:

    Have sex in their guest-room.

  19. Sophia:

    so many things.. Criticizing their home and their routines.

  20. Heath:

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t normally do anyway (ex: steal, or poo in bed!). On top of that, I wouldn’t eat any of their food without their consent, and I wouldn’t make a mess without cleaning it up. Most anything else (that I would normally do when I’m not a guest) is fair game.

  21. manny:

    burn it.

  22. sello:

    never leave the toilet seat up

  23. Alexandra:

    Be seen as a burden to the family, or leave behind a mess I helped to or did create.

  24. Nef:

    to use FACEBOOK…haha

  25. kat:

    Go through their stuff…(though with my best friends it’s expected that when someone leaves the room when she comes back everyone will have changed spots, a couple books would be out, and we’re on her laptop/computer/ipod…(with me it’s all my notebooks/sketchbooks that are easy to get to are fair game…if I don’t want you reading something I make it extremely hard to get to)

  26. Salena:

    Take a crap in their toilet or anywhere in their home.

  27. kp:

    I wouldn’t look through any of their stuff or touch anything without asking.

  28. Lindsey:

    Go through their personal belongings

  29. Jomz:

    Make a mess and ask permission before using.

  30. Danny:

    So many things… Like:
    – Steal something.
    – Move something from its place.
    – Break something on purpose. (Hopefully not accidentally either..)
    – Use something without permission.
    – Throw up/pee/poo anywhere .. Of course in the bathroom it would be acceptable. Hoping that by “bathroom” you all thought of a toilet …
    – Look through their stuff.
    – Go through their fridge or prepare myself something to eat/drink without them offering. (Half the time I say, “No, thank you.. ” Even if I would like some)
    – Make a mess of any kind.
    – Leave without making the bed.

    ..You get the point.

  31. Maya:


  32. 19:

    Disrespect them

  33. Nick:

    Take a dump.

  34. Steal. And get into their things without asking for permission.

  35. Gabe:


  36. Daymie:

    Tell their kids what to do or discipline their kids in anyway.

  37. Alex:

    Shit on their bed….

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