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  1. philip thorn:


  2. Steen:

    I feel like we have made the world a lot more complicated than it should be. I mean, it is complicated, but our world is becoming pretty messed up… Disorders that shouldn’t exist if it weren’t for society: very low self-esteem, technologically attached. People my age depend on sooo much of their technology and social networking (I used to be for years, one summer, some people thought I moved). My younger cousin who is 11 years old freaks out when her phone dies and would even run back home to get her charger and come back. I know some 7 year olds with cell phones and iPods.. Actually, I know a 3 year old with an iPod. He obviously doesn’t really know how to use it, but I just thought the idea was ridiculous… My cousin is socially awkward and when we’re all playing outside in the group, she never joins in and stands awkwardly with her earbuds in. She feels comfort alienating herself, and she will continue to do this no matter how much I talk to her about just chilling with us and having fun.

    Technology can really ruin someone’s life if they let it take over their lives,
    emotionally and socially, it will mess them up if overdone and relied on too much.
    This is a really big problem that some people fail to see, because either they are already indulged in technology and see no harm, or have a healthy balance of being online and offline, and don’t really see the harm.
    It’s a dangerous issue that seems to be manifesting in my generation.
    At least, that’s what I think… and speaking from experience.

  3. Maya:

    In western culture it is to keep a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically

  4. Lisa:

    Respect. Respecting ourselves (ie girls running out to the bar in next to nothing-we get it ‘you’re hot’) Respecting each other (ie bullying), respecting our elders and in turn Being Respected in return from our Elders.

  5. Lara:

    Finding a way to hold onto their morals in a world that is constantly lowering the standard.

  6. SarahDylan:

    Seeing things through new eyes without the biases created by the media and our friends and families

  7. Steven:

    Parents. Parents, parents, parents. Now, I am in no way a parent, so I feel kind of bad saying it, but children are not born drug or alcohol abusers. They are not born spoiled or in a deep depression. These things that youth go through, or are subject to at home can change their entire life. I know countless peers that never had a strong role model at home and because of that don’t live out their lives in the safest or happiest ways. I know for me, I don’t like to brag, but my parents were amazing parents. They understood the line between being strict and being too strict. Of course it also helped that I went to church from a young age and since then have allowed Jesus into my life (which dramatically changed my attitude and outlook on life). Thanks mom and dad 🙂

  8. Sophie:

    Just being children for as long as they should be.

    It’s sad how little girls wear make up when they are only 10 or something.

    Kids should stay kids for as long as possible, cause you sure are hell are gonna be grown up for a loooong time!

  9. 19:

    Lack of Common Sense,
    All youths should be capable of…
    Dressing yourself,
    Basic respect for eveyone and saying ‘i have respect for such and such’ doesnt count!
    Feeding and looking after yourself.
    Letting your parents trust you.
    Not expecting the smallest of gestures (cleaning, food,a fiver, yes, thats lovley dear).
    …However they don’t seem to be and that is sad and furating for those around them who are probably doing the exact same thing without realising!

  10. sheridan:

    the preservation of innocence, children are exposed to more today than ever before because of the internet and television. the advancement of technology has made it difficult to “protect” them, the imagination of children is dwindling. it’s disheartening and a bit frightening

  11. Nick:

    Knowing right from wrong. Avoiding temptations.

  12. alexis:

    I’m 16, and I’d have to say pressure. This comes from parents, looks, grades, friends, sports, media, clubs, religion, everything! I don’t think some people understand what we deal with now as kids, which I feel is why so many attempt and commit suicide these days! Were only 16, we need to enjoy life too

  13. Taylor:

    i totally agree with this!. also being a 16 year old, life gets hard with being pushed in 100 different direction, being pushed to do things that “they” think are best for you. they don’t think being a youth in this day in age is hard.. that we have everything we could ever want to have. what they don’t realize is that its a whole lot deeper than just having all this new electronics to make our lives easier and perfect .. it personal stuff to, like thinking that we have to be super skinny to look pretty and that we have to drink and do drug for people to like us. we want to enjoy life as much as the next person.. let us. were not as bad as yous think..

  14. Clutch Cargo:

    Logging out of Facebook

  15. Elica:

    The challenge of fighting most adults who believe we’re going down the drain anyways.

  16. Shannon:

    Trying to be ‘perfect’.

  17. TB:

    The uncomfortable reality that there are just too many people on the planet. Basically a whole lot of you have to die in order for life on the planet to survive. I’m sorry, it sucks, but most of you will die of famine, in wars fought for resources, or from environmental catastrophe caused by increasingly desperate attempts to strip every last resource from the earth for a profit. Hell, it’s already happening, but we in the west just look the other way so we can continue our self-deception in style, upgrading our iPads and eating our poptarts..

  18. Myself:

    I agree with Mary. I’m a teen myself and its really hard sometimes cause everyone pressures you to be ‘perfect’ and tells you how you should look and act and talk.

  19. Marie:

    The biggest problem that we face today is that in reality life will suck, make us cry, confuse us, break all our hopes and dreams, and hurt like hell. And almost all the adults out there tell us life will be perfect and easy if you just stay in school and stay away from drugs. The fact is there are not enough adults out there willing to tell us life will suck. My social studies teacher Mr.D was the first person to ever tell me this. He came right out and said that life will suck but he believes in us. If only someone had told me this earlier life would be so much easier. And I would like to say the same thing to all teens who might read this that life will suck but I believe as a generation we can do this together.

  20. Ara:

    Youth have to do things on their own now, or have to depend on their peers to help them. Parents are no longer in teen’s lives as much as they should be. But they need to be there, so they’re not depending on the drug addicts and gang members at school for support and love.

  21. Moudi:

    mainstream media, with the Gagas and beibers of this world,they are taught to be ignorant and followers, not think and create, so SO sad

  22. Bea:

    relationships.. it’s all about it
    youth to parents
    youth to youth their age
    youth to kids
    youth to people around them
    youth to the world itself

  23. skyler:

    to the person who posted ” staying young” or whatever it is so true. Before i graduated highschool i knew girls who had to quit school to work a full time job so they would not lose their homes after their parents got laid off. Then there was kids who had to deal with adult situations that i feel kids never had to deal with when my parents were young. The pressure for everyone to “succeed” in life has caused a huge problem because kids are now running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It is no longer good enough to be good, you have to be the best. On top of that i worked in a preschool and as part of the STATE REQUIREMENT OF PA every four year old should already know how to work the computer and use the internet. THAT IS REDICULOUS they are only four! where did childhood go?

  24. Roberto:

    understanding, guidance, patience, approach them
    and i wish i can become a teacher and father that fits that

  25. Alex:

    Fixing this godforsaken world…..
    Fixing the mistakes that the leaders have made.

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