Question 393

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  1. Kirstin:

    sleep. to relive this past summer over and over again, or at least to have back what I had over the summer.

  2. lisa:

    a hug from my dad would be enough

  3. abbey:

    Seeing my best friend smile for real, not the fake smile he wears now.

  4. Nicole:

    seeing his face…

  5. crystal:

    Being able to forgive him for cheating.

  6. Erika:

    The girl I’ve been in love with for 7 years to finally acknowledge me as more then a friend.

  7. Jessica:

    someone showing up at my door to give me a hug and just say hello 🙂

  8. Morgan:

    Another smile.

  9. Julia:

    Seeing my puppy and/or a hug from my best friend.

  10. Kikyo:

    To see him standing on my doorstep

  11. Danny:

    My brother answered: Make somebody smile.

    And I was thinking that my answer would either be, “to see my girlfriend in rl” or … “I’m already beside the one person that does more than just make me smile.”

  12. Tris:

    For the boy I’ve loved for three years to finally love me and ask me to be his forever

  13. Alexis Jean:

    if the certain boy that has swept me off my feet, were to text, call, or come visit me that would leave a smile on my face all day. =)

  14. Maya:

    If I could sleep now. I would smile tomorrow

  15. Tammy:

    If my husband would come back to his family.

  16. Sophie:

    Something funny 😛

  17. 19:

    my sean

  18. Nick:

    Answering questions.

  19. kalyn:

    getting to see my uncle one last time so i could give him a hug and let him know i’m sorry for not coming to see him enough. he died in the plane crash. if i could go back and do things over, i would tell him i love him and i’m sorry.

  20. Shawn:

    To erase my entire memory of the past year.

  21. noanme:

    the face of a dog looking at me

  22. A smile from a person I least expect to smile at me.

    …and a message from a friend who is far far away (actually I received one before I answered this question..and it really made me smile!)

  23. Parris:

    Being able to hug my cousin, and him hug me back.. he passed away a little over a month ago, and the last time I hugged him was over a year ago..

  24. S:

    Getting caught up at work, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the paper monster.

    Waking slowly, drinking coffee while reading the Bible, with my sweet puppy snuggled beside me.

  25. Shanon:


  26. anon:

    Seeing my best friend happy again. Seeing the boy that hurt her upset

  27. Moudi:

    My mother’s voice

  28. Me:

    To have Bob stay in Minnesota

  29. Jane:

    Knowing the last 10 messages he sent were not from him, but from somebody hacking his account.

  30. anonimus:

    He knocking my front door, it would make me mad but inside of me I would smile till teardrops of happines fall all over my face.

  31. mel:

    him. his smile. friends.

  32. Julia:

    A hot air balloon infront of my window.

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