Question 394

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41 Responses to “Question 394”

  1. Gracie:

    That I don’t have enough faith in myself or that I need to be kinder to myself
    something like that

  2. Aaron:

    darn, second response on this one. I guess it’ll have to do

    I would say these words exactly: Flaws? What are those? I’m too awesome to have these so called “flaws.”

  3. Heath:

    Well, unlike most people who try to turn this kind of a question into a positive, I’d be honest.

    I’d say, “Ahh, the infamous Flaw Question. My biggest flaw is probably lack of multitasking ability. I am very good at focusing on one thing at a time until it is perfect. And I’m alright at two things. But if I am having to switch between 3 or 4 things within a short timeframe, I lose track. Now I deal with this by tracking my progress and place in each project, so that I can more easily pick up where I left off, if I happen to get into a multitasking situation.”

  4. Another girl:

    Well, I would not sugar coat this because that is when you just start going downhill. I would tell them that my biggest flaw would have to be either my level of confidence or the fact that when I speak I speak about a million miles an hour. Or even the fact that I am really hard on myself. Haha, between those three, I would either choose one or just start talking so fast that I might mention all three!

  5. Angria:

    I do not work well in groups. I’m willing to work with people, but the minute I notice they are less than capable, I take over everything because I know I can do it right and do it well. I also speak my mind so if I don’t like someone, they usually know it.

  6. Heather:

    Erm…that I’m maybe too friendly sometimes. Instead of doing my job efficiently, I get caught up in taking care of each individual that passes me by. ._.

  7. Kat:

    Depends on the job. Usually it would be that I am to good of an actress I can easily hide my emotions then they bottle up and explode. But if I am applying for an acting job then I guess it could work to my advantage. 🙂

  8. Julia:

    My memory. I have trouble remembering things sometimes, but i’ve learned to overcome this flaw by always having a piece of paper and pen with me, to be able to write down instructions or notes at any time

  9. kat hills:

    my biggest flaw is not having confidence enough but I try not to let that hold me back. When i was younger i was so afraid to even speak to people and now i don’t have that problem…much.

  10. Celia:

    This reminds me of a friend in HR who said she once replied to this question with ” I don’t have flaws – I have amusing little peccadilloes!”

  11. Megan:

    I am way too hard on myself and I can’t give up on an argument.

  12. council:

    sometimes, for things i do not have a passion for, i wont apply myself to my full potential

  13. Alexandra:

    My inability to make quick decisions

  14. Blink:

    I’d have to be honest and say it’s that i worry about every possible effect that any of my actions would cause and that i wouldn’t want to upset anyone but would do anything necessary and live with the consiquences

  15. Soulcatch:

    Well currently, it’s that I am unemployeed. But I am hoping to fix that today 🙂

  16. Kathryn:

    I tend to overthink things which turns small tasks into large confusing assignments.

  17. Cassandra:

    I speak before I think.

  18. I play it too safe!

  19. I often times can’t let things go. If there’s a problem that requires a solution, I am constantly thinking of ways to resolve that problem whether it’s a problem with another party that is working with me on a project or problem, or if it’s a problem with a process or project that I’m working on by myself.

  20. Rachel:

    I don’t work well in groups, I take over and WAY prefer to work on my own!

  21. Valley:

    i would have to say, speaking my mind.

  22. Rayton:

    I think that I like to over plan things. I sometimes lose myself in the moment, already setting plans for a better day or trying to think what I should do later. I should limit this planning at times, reshake myself and just call myself back to the present.

  23. kat:

    I’m way too much of a perfectionist for my own good.

  24. C:

    I would say that I have a very difficult time saying “NO.”

  25. I’m not that great a listener, but I’m working on becoming a better one. =)

  26. Ashley:

    Not believing in myself when I am capable

  27. Jessica:

    My confidence in my ability to do something.. but that doesn’t mean I won’t attempt it.. though I might be a bit hesitant at first if it’s something really important. However, I also have a really hard time saying no to things.

  28. Alien:

    My biggest flaw is that I am a complete perfectionist and the stress that comes from this can put me in grumpy moods.

  29. Aman:

    My biggest flaw is I never really believe myself.Even if i do my best i always tend to believe that it will not succed

  30. Maya:

    I sometimes oversleep..Sorry in advance

  31. I would tell them ” I am an egotist with an inferiority complex, a social hermit, I have a very low bull crap tolerance, I do not deal with stupid very well and am bluntly honest.”

  32. Jillian:

    Not being able to hold down a job….just kidding.

    Probably that I am a people pleaser and it causes me to spread myself too thin at times.

  33. Nick:

    Laziness and delaying of work.

  34. Bailey:

    That I to offen try and take on to much

  35. Clutch Cargo:

    I Like Turtles

  36. anon:

    Have no self-confidence

  37. Laurel:

    I’m bad at analyzing my level of performance.

    Which is a clever way of saying “I can’t tell what my biggest flaw is.” 😛

  38. Jane:

    I am bad at working with people below my intellect level, especially when it comes to group work.

  39. Alex:

    I don’t see any flaws in myself…
    I love who i am 100%

  40. Joey:

    i greatly dislike people

  41. Eljai:

    This would depend on the job I was interviewing for. I’ve refused jobs because of claustrophobia, being required to handle cash,or because they wanted me to return to school or work third shift. My flaw for a number of jobs is I don’t like to work as part of a planning team where part of my evaluation hinges on the work of others. I like coworkers, but I like to work alone on my projects.

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