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  1. David:

    How biased mainstream media is…

  2. waaaay too much for mainstreamers to handle

  3. Drew:

    Real, music with thought, beauty and real meaning behind it.
    And honestly, suicide prevention. A good deal of people need a bit of hope and well, I don’t know, that’s always shoved away. People are looked at as weird, crazy or depressing if talk about hope at all. I think hope and love should be at the fore front of everything, not commercialized, but real, honest, unconditional love. And those who don’t believe me, or in love at all, It’s out there, I’ve seen it. And I’ve felt it too. A lot of people have.
    It’s beautiful.

  4. jaki:

    Inner beauty.

  5. anon:

    The fact that the chance of a soldier being raped by a comrade while overseas is FAR higher than the chances of ever being injured in combat, and the fact that the military systematically silences anyone who comes forward about a rape that occurred during active duty.

  6. jes:

    There needs to be more in the news about music. Not the local musicians, but the people who are famous and actually make a difference in the world. I don’t know about anyone else, but music literally saved my life. If it wasn’t for that one artist, I would have killed myself. He gave me the strength and impetus to keep living. I watched his life through the news and his music; when he pulled himself together, so did I. He showed me that it’s possible to come out of that dark place alive and better than ever.
    There needs to be more news stories like that.

  7. Education and how certain areas get a better education, than the poorer areas. The children are truly the future, so if they’re dumb, then how can they lead us?

  8. kp:

    How corrupted today’s youth is. How we as a nation are not giving nearly enough attention to this matter as we should. If the youth are already corrupted, how are we supposed to have hope for the future state of this country/world?

  9. The insanity that is present in large portions of the conservative base.

  10. Meghan:

    The civil war of LGBT discrimination. Especially when it’s a a high school or middle school student taking their own life because of bullying and harassment.

  11. Heath:

    Overpopulation. It’s a huge factor in the collapse of the economy, global warming, wars, food shortages, etc. It’s the single largest threat and difficulty facing our future, and nobody really seems like they want to talk about it, which makes it even more of a problem…

  12. Kathryn:

    People need to learn to focus on the positive to become positive. All hear on the news are all these disasters and the terrible things that happen. But what about all great occurences in our world? They have been ignored.

  13. bree:

    Human Trafficking and Foster Children. People don’t realize that many children and women are human trafficked in the U.S.
    I also think more people should be aware of foster children. Every kid deserves a safe home and a family.

  14. Melanie:

    @KP “How corrupted today‚Äôs youth is.”
    My response is ouch, really? Because there was no corruption before us? And the most corruption is in our youth, not the adults? The “corrupt youth” follows others example, it is too bad there are better examples. By the way, as a member of our youth, I sincerely believe there is hope for us.

    Fair Food is a huge problem still not being addressed enough in the mainstream media, our fruit/veggie purchases at places like Publix are supporting sub-poverty wages, sexual harassment, and modern day slavery that takes place in American fields. Human rights being neglected are not being discussed in main stream media… On international level, Fair Trade is also related.

  15. Kimmie:

    Soldiers who die fighting for America’s freedom.

  16. Rachel:

    Rape and prostitution, brothals that kind of thing

  17. Jo:


  18. Rayton:

    The hard realities some people have to face when other think it’s all right. Right now I’m thinking about blind people, trying to find the light in their toaly blackness they do see. Other people thinking they should have them just do the opposite of what should be done- letting them go on their own. People ahve to understand not everything ias as it seems.

  19. kat:

    Things that actually matter to the world.

  20. Carrie:

    Human trafficking. Among other things….

  21. E:

    The soldiers. How middle-class white people get so screwed.

  22. Gaby:

    How Israel is innocent and all it does is try to protect itself as the ONLY peaceful democracy in the Middle East. and Constant acts of TERRORISM are always called assaults and attacks- when they are clearly intentionally terrorism. Its NOT portrayed in the news as such. every single media outlet and newspaper is against Israel and too liberal to admit and let a country defend itself for the morals and equality it represents and deserves.
    We don’t need any more 18 year old men and women dying in combat!
    Am Israel Chai!

  23. Alien:

    SCIENCE! Most people have absolutely no clue about the discoveries scientists are making every day.

  24. Rachel:

    Africa. India.
    animal abuse.

  25. Jessica:

    Teen depression and suicide rates.

  26. R:

    @Gaby. I beg to differ. Israel plays innocent and no one seems to care. Anyone care about the Gaza blockade that has been going on since 2007? Did you know that they didn’t let the Palestinians have clothes, shoes, and hairbrushes until 2010? When you choose to care about the other side, please visit This issue is constantly overlooked and should be mainstream. You can thank Messrs Bush for that.

  27. R:

    Oops… I meant since 2005, not 2007. Silly me.

  28. TP:

    The media needs to focus more on women’s suffering and sexism. As it is, many people don’t even admit that sexism still exists in first world countries–if the media even simply recognized it, others might, too.

  29. me!:

    I think we all know the answer. Happy things!!!!!

  30. Maya:

    The bitter truth. And good news

  31. sarath:


  32. Brigette:

    Anything that makes white people uncomfortable.

  33. Nick:

    Less-known music and some taboo subjects.

  34. Shawn:

    Genocide and exsisting.slavery.

  35. jlc:

    The pervasiveness of child sexual abuse. It’s probably taking place on your block … maybe in the house next door. The numbers and effects are staggering.

  36. Laurel:

    The good things. If the good is mixed in with the bad, maybe the bad will seem less commonplace and more will be done to stop it.

  37. Alex:

    happier things.

  38. Alex:

    The good unbiased truthful stories!

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