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  1. No. It makes me confused

  2. Lock:

    Yes. Without money, I can’t buy music, books, etc. to make me happy.

  3. Angria:


  4. Yes. WIth it, I can buy life’s pleasures- simple or not.

  5. Heather:

    It would make things easier I know for sure…and making things easier right now would make me happier. But if I had just money, no I couldn’t be happy, ever. I’d need my friends and family to share it with.

  6. Leila:

    it makes me feel secure, but that doesn’t mean i feel happy. happiness does not come from security.

  7. Rachel:

    yes. considering my financial situation, it puts me at ease and provides me basic think i need.

  8. none:

    Well I do like the privilege of being able to buy all the food I want…

  9. Aaron:

    It has the ability to do that for a short period of time.

  10. Trixie:

    Having enough to not worry about day to day survival makes me very happy. Of course, that could change at any moment, couldn’t it?

  11. Anonymous10:

    Yes, a certain amount would. Like anything that would pay for basic necessities plus leisure. Any amount in excess would give me security (savings for rainy days). Anything more than that, I guess not.

  12. Another girl:

    If I worked hard for the money, it makes me very happy. Being a student and having student loans, the money just makes me nervous for what is to come in the future.

  13. Austin:

    Well money doesn’t buy happiness, though it sure can pay the rent. So having money does make me kinda happy.

  14. dude:

    you ever saw a person with a chocolate bar in their hands with a sad face? of course money buys happiness 😀

  15. Heather:

    Enough money to buy security makes me happy. Knowing that I can pay the bills, healthcare, food, etc definitely keeps me happy. But I don’t think that money itself makes anyone happy.

  16. Liz:

    Not having enough money to pay the bills will create a lot of negative stress.
    Not having enough money means less freedom of things you could do or (need or want to) buy.
    Having a lot of money isn’t a guarantee for being happy, but is sure helps along the way!

  17. council:


  18. Alittlelostorfound:

    No but the things I can do with it puts me into places where I could possibly find happiness…the only part of my life lacking is relationships but I’ve had my eyes opened…So I’m going to focus on being more happy and appreciating everything in my life that is good, focusing on how blessed I am and continue to meet people and be more open…

  19. jes:

    No. Money may make life easier, but it can’t buy happiness. It buys experiences, not a life well lived. All my life I have been relatively poor (Before my dad left, he made a significant amount but it was split between a family of 7. Since then our income has been spotty at best). My mom recently started her own business and the cash flow has, for once, been consistent. The increase in material possessions has not made me happier. It is not the new couch, car, or clothes that makes me happy, but the music my friends burn onto CDs that I play over and over. Sure, expensive headphones enhance the listening experience, but it’s the things that are already there that makes me happy. It’s the music I create, the sounds I hear coming from my family right now. It’s the things that are out there for the taking, not the buying, that make me truly happy.

  20. Anonymous:

    Yes, but not for long.

  21. ivy:


  22. rick:

    Money can’t buy you love, but it can keep you from chasing it on foot…

  23. Bailey:

    indirectly. its called a secondary motivator. it can be used to acquire primary motivators (food, water, pleasure, comfort, etc.)

  24. kat:

    I’d say it makes me happy, but that’s because it seems as though you have to pay for EVERYTHING now.

  25. Debbie:

    Yes, it makes me feel secure and I can buy the stuff that makes me happy.

  26. Rachel:


  27. Sapphire...:

    No,but I rarely have any anyway.

  28. Sid:

    Yes, because when i have money i feel safe and secure.

  29. Heath:

    No it doesn’t directly make me happy. Money itself is just intricate paper art, intricate metal art, and well encoded digital bits on banking systems … none of which bring much of a smile to my face, let alone happiness into my heart.

    However, money CAN lubricate many of the difficult aspects of life, which unlocks the possibility for a lot of happiness. I know that when I make good money, I allow myself to indulge in some of my favorite activities (like eating out and far off vacations), which usually (but not necessarily) lead to some substantial happiness.

  30. Derrick:

    No, money can never buy happiness

  31. kp:

    No, money makes life complicated and difficult.

  32. Marisol:

    No. Money is stupid.

  33. Gloria:

    yes. deleriously happy. I wish I knew how essential it would be when I was in my 20’s

  34. Rayton:

    No, I never cared how much money I have in my purse, but however, it´s good to have it to enjoy something else that costs.

  35. Huyen Vu:

    Money alone doesn’t bring happiness. On the other hand, in this modern society, one can barely feel happy without enough money to secure basic needs.

  36. Jessica:

    Not by itself. The things I can do with it, that allow me to go and have fun with my friends, does. But that’s more attributed to my friends not to the money.

  37. Valley:

    Yes, money is the only thing i don’t have enough of. No money equals more problems. Stress…

  38. Aman:

    YES, absolutely money would make me really happy.I want lots of money so i never have to work or be tensed about future…money will take away all my worries

  39. me!:

    No because while it does help you gain things you use/eat/etc. it doesnt help you buy people who help you go so much farther than any book or candy bar ever did.

  40. Maya:


  41. Jillian:

    Yes,in a way. Money buys me everything that makes me happy. And I’m speaking beyond food, shelter, etc, it buys me te freedom to make choices to better my life. Money buys my education. That makes me very very happy.

  42. Brigette:


  43. Nick:

    In a way, yes but in a way, no.

  44. wizz:

    nick, you are like vicky pollard from little britain

  45. Jane:

    No, not at all. If my mother were to give me a $50 I would not feel any kind of happiness. I stopped feeling happy about money a few years ago. I don’t know why.

  46. Alex:

    It helps me buy things that make me happy. The world that we live in requires money so yes since i need it to survive….

  47. Joey:

    spending money on friends does

  48. AM:


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