Question 398

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  1. Leila:

    Stalk/creep on people on Facebook.

  2. Marisa:

    I say exactly what I’m thinking without fear of having to deal with their reaction. You can hardly ever do that in person because really, I just want to be heard. I don’t want a reaction- just an answer.

  3. kat:

    I don’t censor myself and say exactly what I’m thinking when I post online because I don’t do facebook and only my closest friends and strangers see my twitter and deviant art.

  4. Brooke:

    I’m waay more outgoing online then in person. You won’t hear my honest opinion on how I’m feeling in person unless you know me very well. Online, I’m honest, and all of Facebook can see it.

  5. Aaron:

    Nothing. I don’t hide myself in real life, why do it on the internet?

  6. Im the same online as in real life, keep it real

  7. V3nD1:

    People talk shit online about other people and say things that they would never say in real life ’cause they don’t have the balls to.

  8. Lauren:

    I blog about myself and tell the truth, but I don’t let anyone read it.

  9. Sapphire...:

    Initiate conversations with people I just exchange a few words with at school. Don’t really know why I don’t say much in person.

  10. Scott from CT:

    Wow, where to begin!? The internet is where we can express our true feelings/desires about anything we want. Although we still hold those back online, its actually a lot easier to express them. In person, we wear masks to hide who we really are. But on the internet, we never have to worry about feeling shame. Its instincts to want to express how we feel about everything, but society and fear of rejection often hold us back. To answer the question more directly, I be myself online. People see me for who I really am, especially this really cool person I talk to, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  11. council:

    umm i think i am more open in person than online

  12. Khiande:

    Nothing, really. I don’t talk much online or in real life.

  13. wahcabi:

    I get naked for strangers for attention.

  14. Lindsey:

    I say anything and everything. I’d never do that offline.

  15. Derrick:

    Be who I am in real life on the net because there is no need to change one’s self about anything.

  16. Heath:

    FYI: Online IS real life. It’s not some magic place with invincible anonymity and protection. Just because you didn’t type your name/address/phone in, doesn’t mean your activities/words can’t be traced back to you, or that you can’t be affected by others’ (and, in turn, affect them). If more people remembered that, perhaps there’d be a lot less craziness online.

    But, even though I recognize that I’m still quite identifiable online, and equally as vulnerable, I still behave a bit differently.

    I tend to be more open with my criticism and also more exuberant with my praise. I’m more open with my opinions. In other words, I’m like a concentrated version of myself, with some relaxed societal restrictions.

  17. Rachel:

    Confront people. I hate confrontations in real life I prefer bitchiness or behind back whispers.

  18. Kathryn:

    On Facebook I appear happy but I am truly extremely depressed and angry

  19. dk:

    talk to random people.

  20. Jessica:

    There really isn’t much.. I guess I sometimes talk to people I barely talk to in person and possibly am a little less shy when talking to them online.

  21. Morgan:

    Talk about sex A LOT.

  22. Danny:

    Be myself without feeling insecurity.

  23. TP:

    Online, I talk more openly about sexism than I ever could in real life, around people who would give me hell for it.

  24. Maya:

    Write a brutally honest blog.

  25. Nick:

    Stalk people?

  26. L:

    get naked

  27. Michelle:

    pretend to be someone else.

  28. Gabe:

    I’m more “me” when I can hide behind the safety of a computer. People like me when they think I’m being sarcastic, rather than sardonic, which only works if I’m not in the same room as other people.

  29. Jean:

    Chatroulette and cyber yelling.

  30. Emma:

    I openly tell people my deepest thoughts, fears, loves, everything, but can never bring myself to say them in person.

  31. Alex:

    Stalk people on facebook lol

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