Question 16

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  1. I wouldn’t.

  2. Paul:

    “Sometimes” I speak kindly to myself other “sometimes” I’m a tad harsh! This question raises important discussion issues about self-perception.

  3. Scipio:

    I’d probably punch him.

  4. Brandon:

    I personally would never be able to stand him. I am a good person with a good heart, not some selfish person who one thinks of himself.

  5. Ehsaan:

    for people who attack and criticize themselves (like me), that person would be pretty annoying…

  6. Hillary:

    I would hate being with that person, but I wouldn’t get rid of them. Some days I hate myself so much I wish other people would treat me badly. =/

  7. adrian:

    i wish i had a friend who would.

  8. johnry:

    he or she will be my best friend i dont judge myself Ive long dreamed for someone that could think like me because everyone around me is just low for me they think at a very low manner they dont think about the good or the bad they just do it i use to go to a private school till i reached high school my dad wanted me to experience the real world instead of being hidden in a private school safe from the harms of people but wasnt the private school already the real world?

  9. Kayane:

    Not too long..

  10. Steven:

    not very long

  11. bobby:


  12. Laura:

    Probably not,I would hate a friend like that, but then again, no one can be as nasty as I am to myself. :-/ no matter what.

  13. MrJoe:

    Until I grew old. I have utmost faith in my own being.

  14. i want to say not very long. but i am too passive.and not only do i abuse myself, i allow others to abuse me.

  15. Jeverninjaa:

    Never. The second I met them I’d have to leave, or end up punching them in the head. :]

  16. Gabbo:

    I’d crumble from the pressure if my self-criticism manifested itself in tangible form. But at times I can think of some really uplifting words, and it’d be nice if I could actually hear someone else come up with them and tell them to me on their own.

  17. April:

    This makes me smile. Whoever thought up this question, thank you. I used to be so hard on myself all the time and so down on myself, but I do not have that problem anymore. I can honestly say that I love myself and who I am. They would be my best friend.

  18. De:

    I wouldn’t. I don’t want to be me.

  19. tom:

    the idea that you can “allow” someone to be your friend suggests
    that the questioner is and will probably remain friendless

  20. Evan:

    I would never be able to let that be. I’d end up crumbling.

  21. fenixdemilo:

    if it were a friend that was understanding in the same way. but otherwise i’d say no, for the same reasons people already mentioned

  22. Aimee:

    I wouldn’t

  23. Amanda:

    Not very long

  24. Scott:

    Depends. On what weapon I have with me.

  25. Ris:

    Not very long, just another person trying to tear me down is too difficult to bear.

  26. Diva:

    Hmm. A friend doesn’t speak to you in ways that make you doubt yourself or break you down. If they do, then they were never your friend in the first place.

  27. jon:

    Not too long… I have a peculiar way of thinking about me.
    Oftentimes i feel nothing but love for myself, I know I am a good person.

    But when i make mistakes i hate myself.
    I’ve always been this way. Never forgiving myself, and vowing not to make the same mistake twice.
    To a big degree i would attribute who i’ve become to this.
    But it’s none the less a really painful way of molding yourself.

    As an answer to the question, it would be a real hate-love relationship, probably not ending well at all.
    Something to ponder indeed…

  28. Sarah:


  29. until everything comes to oblivion. 😀

  30. RubenRybnick:

    i do and forever

  31. Craig:

    Forever. as long as she/he wants to be my friend too

  32. Daniel:

    We wouldn’t have to speak with words, we would understand each other fully and always stay connected; spiritually as well as physically.

  33. Nick:

    Long enough.

  34. PufferFish:

    Ten years.
    At least, that’s how long it was before she screamed at me to never speak to her again…and since we haven’t graduated yet I still see her occasionally at school and therefore have to have conversations with her.
    I don’t regret being friends with her, but I do regret letting her cruel words embed themselves into my psyche so deeply.

  35. Nibor:

    I would hate him sometimes but forever keep him as friend.

  36. kiki:

    I would probably listen to them and respect their opinion, but hate them. Sometimes I need tough love, even if I don’t want it.

  37. Michael Hitchcock:

    Actually this question doesn’t apply to me any more.

    I never was that fearful or negative towards myself to begin with. I did, out of a disgusting twisted sense of loyalty, pity, or compassion (before I understood what those things were) allow many people to treat me wrong and I would totally bend to keep them in my life.

    As for the things I say to me… It’s deeply important to honor my own feelings and thoughts. If I occasionally think something “bad” about myself, there is a strong chance that there is truth in it, which I can ignore at my own peril.

    I do not try to make myself feel guilt, shame, or rejection, which is what I think you are getting at. Thank you.

  38. Kristen Deneuve:

    I’ve … until the day before yesterday had a friend like that. So the answer is more than half a year.

  39. Rachael:

    Depends… Sometimes I am super confident like telling myself, I’m mofo awesome… but most of the time, I tear myself down, hardcore, and ruin all that self confidence… I probably wouldn’t want to be friends with Miss Negativity all the time…

  40. Rowena:

    It always changes. Sometimes I love myself. Sometimes I don’t. How I talk to myself differs. Truthfully… I wouldn’t WANT a friend like that… sort of makes me realize how much I seem to beat myself up.

  41. chichay:

    i wouldn’t like to have a friend who would talk to me the way i speak with myself, sometimes i speak very negative to myself and i would love to have friend who will listen to my dramas and will contradict with all my negativity

  42. Heidi:

    Ha…I wouldn’t have even allowed them to my friend to begin with!

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