Question 400

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  1. Heather:

    A poetry contest in Middle school that nobody remembers.

    I almost won first, but came in second by a few points.

  2. Heath:

    I actually won a poetry contest in middle school with my poem called “The Golden Speck” (it was about an eagle flying way up high). I think it’s funny because of how close our names and experiences are, Heather 🙂

  3. Kirsten:

    I won a writing contest in grade 7! 🙂 Just a story, not poetry.

    Also, my best friend and I used to phone the local radio station all the time, the called us “Random Tandem” sometimes I get recognized on the street.

  4. Angria:

    I was valedictorian of my K – 8th grade school. And I won the science fair two years in a row.

  5. I was a part of a team that wrote and directed a musical! Great fun

  6. Caleb:

    Football…senior year of high school. Had scouts from Wisconsin University, Michigan State, and Illinois…and I had my college scholarship ripped from under me by a dirty shot to my knee tearing every tendon in my knee..

  7. I was an achiever in my grade and high school years. I won a gold medal in declamation and bagged the first honors in sixth grade. In my freshman year in high school, I hit the headlines (our school paper) when I received a trophy for winning a story-telling contest. I was the first in ranking three years in a row and finally became the valedictorian of class 2004. High school fame was awesome. 😀

  8. Dee:

    I was high school valedictorian. I also joined a televised quiz show when I was in high school and college. And that was more than 15 minutes. =D

  9. TV Commercials 🙂

  10. Alittlelostorfound:

    I was on national news in Japan for about 5 seconds….It was awesome..I have it on DVD

  11. Lena:

    My band and I played in a showcase where there was an audience of over 700 people… in a town of 7,000 thats pretty good.

    Two weeks later i left for school.

  12. Meghan:

    I placed in the top 5 of a journalism contest. I won’t know what place I won until the ceremony next Tuesday. It’s exciting because I’ve been writing small things since 7th grade and now in 11th grade I’m finally doing things to be recognized for.

  13. Sydney:

    My face and name have been in the newspaper twice: once for Girl Guides and once for a soccer tournament. That’s pretty much it, aside from a few school awards.

  14. DSL:

    I’ve been in the newspaper and on the news once…
    Now I’m dating a drummer that’s pretty wellknown in the UK. xD

  15. Rachel:

    In plays

  16. Erika:

    In the newspaper once for a cooking program my school did, alas I’ll never be famous.

  17. jes:

    I was known at my high school for one thing: Having a famous basketball-playing cousin. I wasn’t left alone about it for the rest of high school.

  18. Jessica:

    I got a story published in the yearbook in second grade! And I was in the newspaper a couple times in high school for cross country.

  19. Rayton:

    Winning a tennis contest when I was in middle school.

  20. Audrie:

    I write articles for my school newspaper, It may not be fame, but it feels like it every time I see one of those article 🙂

  21. T:

    I was in a school comedy play and got a huge long-lasting laugh, the biggest of the night. Everyone was speaking for weeks about how funny I was. It was also featured in the news paper.

    I was also an extra on the latest Chronicle Of Narnia film and can briefly be seen in the trailer and the whole film.

  22. Gracie:

    Thursday, Dec. 9 9:45 AM: Assist Paramedics Code 2. 1000 Block N Ten Mile Rd.
    I had a seizure at school in front of my senior language arts class. The story made the police blotter and everyone in my small alternative school talked about it for days.

  23. Raven:

    Figure skating at Madison Square Garden for a 9-11 tribute years ago.

  24. Maya:

    Arranging my own concert. Not very many came, but I enjoyed it so!

  25. Brigette:

    I was on TV for maybe 30 seconds.

  26. Nick:

    A duet singing contest in our sports fest. Surprisingly, I won.

  27. megaaaan:

    Dance competitons

  28. poppa:

    I was in a football game(8th grade year) and my team(scoggins seahawks)were losing 6-0 and after the other team got a touchdown, they kicked the ball to us, and as the ball was coming toward me, i was nervous, so when i tried to catch it, it sliped out of my hands and went to the in-zone, and i ran back pick it up, and droped it again, and when i looked up so many ppl were coming towards me, so i finally picked it up and i started running, and as i looked around no one was on me, so i ran it back,and then we kicked a field goal, to put us in the lead.But we didnt win the game, they got another touchdown with 47sec. on the clock, But we played good for a finle score of 12-8, but one day i will play in the NFL. *gods helping me*

  29. Alexa:

    this year i held a 2 min speech in front of almost 1500 people (mostly teenagers), all participants in the 5th Romanian scouts jamboree. it was pretty awesome! for those 2 min of “fame”, i had to prepare for hours each day during the previous week. i gave up a lot of my free time, but it was worth it.

  30. Julia:

    At a casino, on the craps table!!

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