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  1. 311:


    Because I’m living in.

  2. Moldova. According to Eric Weiner’s The Geography of Bliss, it is the unhappiest country on this planet.

  3. A.A.:

    The entire African continent.

    “Sierra Leone” by Mt Eden, “Disgrace” starring John Malkovich and “Lord of War” starring Nicholas Cage serve as influences for my decision.

  4. A.A.:

    … and who could forget about “Blood Diamond” (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou)?…

  5. Brazil

    No offense, I’ve heard so many great things about the country, but the killing and organ theft scenes in the 2006 thriller film Turistas were so horrifying it made it all seem real to me.

    I have never watched any other thriller film since this movie.

  6. Leila:

    North Korea.
    I think that one speaks for itself.

  7. Aaron:

    Yes….definitely Nor Korea….

  8. council:

    i am afraid to say a country because i might miss out on something great

  9. Heath:

    Iran. Because I’ve never heard someone say “You know what’s so great about Iran? It’s got [insert great thing here]”. Combine that with a long history of warfare, religious ubiquity/fundamentalism, and the fact that it’s mostly all desert. Granted, this applies to several countries in the Middle East, and I’m not even blaming anyone. I just don’t ever want to visit there.

  10. Another girl:

    I would have to agree with the North Korea one. There would be no way I would want to visit that place. Not ever.

  11. Anna:

    I used to say India, but I’ve since changed my mind. After living in Egypt, I now say Iran, Iraq, and most of the -stan countries. They are just a bit to volatile.

  12. anon:

    Uganda. It is the worst place in the world to be gay. They are currently trying to pass a law that would give life in prison or the death penalty to gay men. Fucking scary.

  13. L:

    I agree with Leila. After seeing a documentary on Kim Jong Il, it’s pretty easy to see why so many of their people escaped.

  14. Kelson:

    I agree with anon, and would not visit Jamaica for the same reason. It’s a beautiful country, but the homophobia is insane. The government basically sanctions violence against gay men and women.

  15. Wolfgang:

    The country on the map of my own soul that lives of my vitality, robbing it by creating fear, rage and all other uglies, creating hell. In doing so, forcing re sacrificing life and nature to safeguard its weired parasite patina existence.

  16. ThatOneAnon:

    I’m safe to say I would visit any county, regardless of rules, laws, or expectations, because beauty, no matter how small or out of the way, can and will be found everywhere, and it deserves to be noticed.

  17. Jessica:

    No country immediately came to mind when I read the question. Although after reading through other’s responses I think I’d have to say I wouldn’t want to travel to North Korea either..

  18. anon:

    australia strangely enough…i saw a true story about a woman whose baby was killed by a dingo and she was sent to prison for murder and its scared me all these years…something about the outback =/

  19. Rachel:

    Probably somewhere like Saudi Arabia. I would just snap at the way they treat women.

  20. Kathryn:

    This sounds strange but I can’t stand all those places just crowded with tourists. There are so many beautiful places in the world. I don’t care about the history of all these places I would rather just sit,relax, and embrace the beauty of a place.

  21. Chris:

    Somalia. I am allergic to having my head cut off.

  22. abbey:

    I personally would love to visit North Korea, simply because I find their culture and obsession with their leader fascinating. I’d really love to study it! There’s not one country I wouldn’t like to see; I think that there’s something for me to learn everywhere I go.

  23. samuel:

    the united states.

    because of so many reasons it would probably mess up your internet connection if I wrote them all.

  24. megaaaan:

    Australia- for mad house dance studio 🙂

  25. Manish Khurana:

    The USA for a plethora of reasons.

  26. TP:

    Any of the Middle Eastern countries for the rain of discrimination and oppression I would experience just for being a woman.

  27. Kristy:

    I am torn as far as an answer to this question. The traveler in me would love to go to absolutely every country. It would be fantastic.
    But I was reminded of the cultures of some of these countries reading through the comments. The middle east-Any of the intolerant countries. North Korea-Frankly, I hate Kim Jong Il. And Somalia or anywhere nearby-Because of the pirates. But all of these areas have their own beauty. I would actually love to visit the no-man’s land between North and South Korea, because from what my geography professor said, it sounds beautiful. Many of the middle eastern countries are also beautiful and I have to say I’m quite fascinated by Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general. They have some really amazing architectural designs there. And the one country that I want to visit more than anything, Seychelles, looks absolutely breathtaking. But it’s right near Somalia, and apparently very dangerous to visit currently. So I really don’t know. More than anything, I need money to be able to visit anywhere at all. Bahaha.

  28. Maya:

    I don`t know. I`m too adventurous.

  29. Steven:

    I would definitely have to say North Korea, if I could even make it past the border before they shoot me. It just seems like a terrifying place. It seems to me as if they are living out 1984 right now! Scary!

  30. Sarah:

    I think every country and every culture has something interesting to offer, every country has its own charm.

    However, one place I’m not interested in is Russia. Having family in Poland, I guess I’m biased and negatively affected by all the bad stories about Russians.

    Of course there are good people from Russia, but it’s just not on my list of countries that I wanna see.

  31. Nick:

    Iraq. There’s a travel ban. 🙂

  32. arun:

    any country that has muslims/arabs as its majority population. This is on the basis that they impose their fundamental way of life on you and also on the way they treat women, gays and those of other religions. this is sad of me to think like this as most muslim people i know are tolerant of other religions/sexuality yet they live by their own set of rules. they can come to england and burn a poppy (a symbol of freedom) yet when we even TALK…about burning a qu’ran muslims are all up in arms about it and threaten to blow themselves up

  33. Maia:

    My goal is to go EVERYWHERE before I die…every country in the world is a different place, and every place has something new to offer. And going somewhere like North Korea would be legit because hardly anyone is allowed in.

  34. Sara:

    You can’t judge a country from what you have heard about it if you haven’t actually visited it. I wouldn’t want to visit a country I’ve been too several times because I’d want new experiences in different places!.

  35. Laurel:


    I try to avoid places where I can’t drink the water. I know that goes for other places too, but Mexico is always the main one that comes to mind.

  36. AA:

    any country on the middle east & africa….. too many diseases and of course war

  37. Jose:

    That’s so easy!

    IRAN, because they kill gay people and atheists. Which I am!

  38. wizz:

    too many to list

  39. Phunk:

    America… reason being, Americans are the most loud-mouthed pig-ignorant, dumb-asses on the planet.

  40. Alex:

    The middle east: Iran, Afghanistan, etc.
    Too hot, and too many ignorant people being killed for no reason.

  41. I guess El Salvador, not for any particular reason but not being interested. I’ve visited Guatemala and Honduras, there are many natural attractions to be explored, but I guess being so near El Salvador isn’t much different, so I’ll pass in order to know other countries that catch more my attention.

    By the way Laurel I’m from Mexico and water is totaly drinkable, just don’t drink it from the kitchen or bathroom sink faucet, drink bottled water as millions of person (locals and visitors) do and you’ll be totally fine.

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