Question 407

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  1. anon:


  2. Angria:

    Whenever I learn something exciting in class, I blurt it out to my friends (because I am such a nerd).

  3. A.A.:

    My random knowledge and trivia about the current subject being talked about.

  4. Leila:

    after living each day, sharing my day’s experiences with someone

  5. Wolfgang:

    What’s to me exiting.

  6. anon:

    This website. Or at least the questions here from.

  7. Meghan:

    My wacky dreams. And I agree with Angria, fun facts are my life. 🙂

  8. Drew:

    Oh, I show everyone music. I mean, I do it so that I feel cool but also at the same time I find an incredible, beautiful song and I want the world to hear it. I love watching people’s minds open up after something just blew them away.

    That and just random cool things I’ve found/researched like savants, religion, autism, Banksy and graffiti, street art, and light graffiti. It’s all really cool stuff.

  9. V3nD1:

    What A.A. said.

  10. AJ:

    Music, art, random funny websites, stupid random trivia facts

  11. i am not wise:


  12. Valley:

    —–My opinion. 🙂

  13. S:


  14. ...:

    Stories. Photos.

  15. Jessica:

    things that made me smile

  16. g:

    anything that I think will help them.

  17. Aaron:

    I love talking with others about science like biology and organic chemistry. But I also LOVE sharing my love of physical activity and healthy eating. They’re the coolest things and I could talk about them all day!

  18. Kelly:

    A positive attitude.

  19. My home. I love to have people over to cook for them and entertain.

  20. philip thorn:

    Everything except my wife.

  21. Tris:

    My opinions and thoughts and experiences. Smiles and hugs. I want to leave an impression that could help or change somebody for the better. If I can make at least one person’s day or save one person’s life I’m happy.

  22. Anonymous10:

    Company, laughter, and stories.

  23. Rachel:

    Most things!

  24. jes:

    Music. My opinion. Random facts I know about the subject on hand. And my favorite? I love to share my life with someone. <3

  25. abbey:

    Seeing something beautiful, like a sunset, or a flower, or a shooting star. Exciting things that happen in my life. My favorite songs.

  26. Maya:

    art,food and stories from far far away

  27. Heath:

    I like sharing pretty much everything I enjoy, like food, games, music, sex, movies, beautiful places, fun/weird/new concepts, etc. I get so much more satisfaction from something awesome when I can share (and later talk about) that experience with someone else.

  28. anon:

    happiness and love

  29. SarahDylan:

    My ideas about philosophy. It always leads to in-depth talks that I find both interesting and nourishing for the mind. I often find it brings me closer to people too. I don’t have imposing beliefs and so I often agree with everybody on one ground or another.

  30. Nick:

    Almost everything I know and want to know, from the things I do when I wake up to my deep dark secrets. I want to be open but not too much.

  31. Stories.

  32. Austin:

    Music. Music is meant to be shared.

  33. wizz:

    yes food, so we all get fat together.

  34. Scotty:

    My time. My smile. My love.

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