Question 408

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  1. aye:

    Free time to think and dream and explore

  2. nicole:

    to be able to fit in. thats just what the child in me wants though. not what the outside me wants.

  3. being carefree and innocent

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  5. Alice:

    A traditional home.

  6. Rika:

    When we could play in the streets without worrying about getting kidnapped, when doors didn’t have to be locked all the time and when our neighbors were our friends. I long for the days of innocence that society has now taken from every child. I miss playing outdoors without any toys, just running around in the sprinkler after school. I miss feeling free.

  7. Jim:


    And happiness.

  8. anon:

    To dance on a table in a restaurant and sing my hear out again, and to receive thunderous applause at the conclusion 🙂

  9. Moudi:

    True innocence

  10. Adam:

    To get away from all the stuff that constrains me now. To go somewhere and be happy with what I do and the freedom that I have.

    Most of all to be happy.

  11. ☻♣♦:

    playground . playing in the rain.being unaware

  12. Jobie:

    For Peter Pan to fly to my window and take me to Neverland. I used to sit at my open window when I was a kid, trying to find the second star to the right.

  13. wizz:

    Drew, nice one mate!

  14. Gabe:


  15. Jane:

    The long warm summers that I don’t know if were real or if I made them up….

  16. elise:

    honestly….fingerpaint. i miss the easy days

  17. Jean:

    To dress up like disney characters and play barbie dolls.
    To imagine that the world was once a peaceful place.

  18. xox:

    Carnivals. Stuffed animals. Crayons & coloring books. Finger paints. Innocence. To dream and just be amazed/inspired by everything.

  19. Alexa:

    cotton candy
    being able to laugh whenever i feel like it
    being able to accept everybody as they are and not to judge them

  20. Julia:


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