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  1. Jackilyn_Mae:

    my mom would always tell us kids “IF ITS WORTH DOING, ITS WORTH DOING RIGHT ” for example if we were cleaning the kitchen and we left it half done my mom would tell us to go finish it and she would always say it. as we marched our buts back in the kitchen we would be like ya ya i know….

    another one of her favorite sayings is “IMPROVISE ADAPT AND OVERCOME” don’t look for problems look for solutions !! and i constantly repeat those words to anyone else whenever the moment allows

  2. Joana:

    Several: “We’re going the strange and dangerous way” to the question of “How are we going to get there?” (comes down from my grandfather and his father!); also, “You can’t get there from here” (same source, said of a place that’s very difficult to get to, takes a long time, many roads, just not simple); and, if you complained you were bored, my paternal grandmother would tell the complainer to go “spit in your shoe and watch it run through!” My very favorite!

  3. Wolfgang:

    YOu’re much too small for that. Wait.

  4. Nick:

    Always be careful. Don’t try to be trendy like the other kids. Study hard.

  5. Danni:

    my mom always said, if you have have mountain of “what if’s” a mile high, all it adds up to is “what if”

  6. Valley:

    to behave. :)not be myself, but to behave.

  7. Josh:

    “There’s always plenty of brooms, son.”

    I was told this from the day I could understand. It means that anyone can pick up a broom and break their back for a dollar, but it takes a true intellectual to rise above it and become something greater.

    I’m still told this every day, (now more than ever since I’m 19. :D)

  8. Daniel:

    “You’ve got to have a beginning, middle, and end.”

    “Listen, Focus, Do the Work.”

    Both are from my father.

  9. D:

    “Don’t be stupid” – Dad

    “Forgive, forget, and still love,” – Mom

    “Argue your point as much as you want, but always be respectful” – Both

  10. Riddle:

    “No one’s left behind” – A motto I still live with

    “It has to hurt to heal” – When I was a kid, I took this to mean taking off plasters or digging out splinters, but now I know it goes for so much more

  11. Kay:

    “It takes two to tango”

    AKA when you fight with someone there is always another story, and something that you did wrong also.

  12. Jenni French:

    Your name is everything, never forget your family or who you are!

  13. Munish Kaler:

    My Mom always told me that always be thankful to God for what He had given to us.

  14. me!:

    Big things come in small packages.

  15. I posted my answer on my tumblr. Here’s the link of my answer 😀

  16. OnlyAmz:

    Be friends first. They were best friends before they were anything else to each other and have been together for almost 40 years. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen and my marriage ended because he & I weren’t very good friends to each other. I’m still loking for my best friend.

  17. monica:

    Daddy- “tough love” “get a job”
    Grandma- “Be a lady” “Never keep your ride waiting”

  18. anon:

    ‘Trust me’

  19. Moudi:

    Do drugs, Do Drinks but DO NOT do women (my dad)and i still live by what he said :p

  20. PufferFish:

    I would always be amazed or unhappy (depending on the situation) when something almost happened. Like the time I almost rode a bike, or, more importantly, the day I almost smashed into my mom’s car while rollerblading.
    I was apologizing to my dad (because to a seven year old, ‘almost’ is as good as ‘did’), when he said this:
    “Almost doesn’t count. It’s whether something happens or not that does.”
    It stuck in our minds as profound and we’ve been saying it ever since.

    My mom just has phrases she says all the time and always has. I can’t even think of what they are, that’s how often she says them. They’re probably in my vocabulary too…

  21. ☻♣♦:

    NEVER trust anyone, coz they’ll use you
    -very true

  22. Jobie:

    “Go get ’em, Chief” My Dad said this to me every day as I left for school. But most of the advice my parents gave me was along the lines of ‘Don’t buy anything on a credit card, save your money and pay in cash’ (My parents have been in debt all my life…so this is one of the MAJOR lessons I’ve learned from them)

  23. Fatima:

    dreams are free, so keep on dreaming

  24. Jean:

    Enjoy your youth

  25. Show your class, not your ass.

  26. Alex:

    “Slow Down, you’re going to miss a lot of important things in your life if you keep moving that fast”

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