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  1. Drew:

    I don’t think in a religion perse, but in some sort of spirituality I think it’s very important.
    I think everyone needs to believe in something, even if it’s just hope or love or that the sun’s going to rise, just something.
    It does you a world of good.

  2. Drew:

    And I just noticed this is question 410; question 420 better be, “Would You Legalize Marijuana?” or something.

  3. Absolutely love the site guys!
    I would say definitely it is important. However, I would say that just doing a religion is not the right approach. They can’t all be right; many contradict each other. Christianity says the only way to heaven is by believing in Jesus and his death/resurrection. Others say you have to have good works, or be a good person. From a logical standpoint,I have looked into quite a few, and have found Christianity is the only one that really makes sense. I love following Christ. It gives me hope; something I found was lacking in other religions.

  4. Angria:

    This is a loaded question for me. Religion really screwed up my childhood and I am just now, as a Junior in college, approaching the idea once more. I have even gone as far as major in Theology to understand God and religion better. Religion provides community and direction, but your higher being (in my case God) provides you with the love and salvation. So I would deem the deity as more important than the religion. I feel that religion is prone to corruption since it is run by humans, thus I am more willing to believe in God than follow the religion attached to Him.

  5. Lara:

    You know, I think I’m just going to say this:
    I do think that religion is very important, and I think God is very important. A lot of people think that when Christians talk about God it’s because they like to be preachy and act better than others. Not. at. all. true. It is because we found something worth sharing. We found something that is so amazingly wonderful that it hurts to see others ignore it or disrespect it. Jesus deserves respect and love.

    And also, I’m tired of people being so “accepting” of other lifestyles like atheists and homosexuality, but the conservative religious people get descriminated against and called prudes. I thought it was respect for all. It seems like less and less people respect those who respect the values passed down from their ancestors.

  6. Jay:

    @Lara! SO TRUE!!! I am religious, and I get persecuted by people who have misconceptions of me, by the very people who are quote unquote “unaccepted by society”. Idk about it being important to partake in religion, but worship of God, most definitely. Religious people are scientifically proven to have lower stress levels and higher life spans. Also I believe life misses out on a lot without God.

  7. TP:

    As someone who is not religious, I suppose I am a bit biased.
    I feel that as comforting as religion can be in the short run, especially surrounding death, it is not worth it in the end. I’ve noticed the majority of religious people deep down feel that there is something wrong with their beliefs, especially considering they are nearly always inconsistent fallacies. And, personally, I would rather be secure in my depressing beliefs than insecure in my optimistic ones. However, concerning people who really are truly religious through and through (and don’t try to convert others etc etc), religion must be a real “blessing,” and I would say it is important.
    However, on a slightly different note, many religious provide a sense of community and family, which I do think is very important. For example, I attend to a non-relgious Unitarian Universalist “church” for the supportive group of like-minded people. So, for people who aren’t religious/do not attend a religious institution, it is important to find a substitute for that community that comes along. (This is not to say that all religious communities are good; that is far from the truth).

  8. Aaron:

    I don’t care for religion. Not that I don’t believe in god, I just don’t care to worship him in any way, shape, or form. But to answer the question, no, I don’t believe it’s important. I don’t participate in religion and I’m doing just fine.

  9. Heath:

    I don’t think it’s important TO partake in a religion, no. Because I’ve lived my entire life without religion, and been quite happy, stable, grounded, and moral.

    BUT, I think it’s very important to be allowed the CHOICE to partake in a religion. Because everyone interprets the world differently and has different needs. I think some people just need the stability of recognizing and contemplating any sort of higher power.

  10. A:

    I do not believe it is important. I feel like a lot of people (not all but a good chunk) go to church or other religious places because then they feel like they can do whatever they want because they love God. I HATE working Sundays because I swear people are more rude than any other day of the week because they feel like they can be because they left church. Other people hide behind the religion and don’t explore the world. I really believe people need to learn to think for themselves and have their own ides of religion and the world. Sure you can believe in God and worship him (or insert the given god or gods of that religion) and learn from the holy books but still those books were written thousands and thousands of years ago and not all of the messages still hold true. I think there would be a lot less hate in the world if people took a second to form their own ideas.

    If you feel like you need it in your life, thats great have at it. Please do not shove it down my throat.

  11. A.A.:

    This page will soon become a massive essay.

    I just think there’s definitely something “out there”. Whether aliens, spiritual deities or anything of the sort, I believe that a higher power exists.

  12. Rachel:

    I think it can have a very positive impact as it can give purpose and hope and prevent loneliness, although I don’t believe in God myself but I think the most important thing is that everyone is free to believe whatever they want.

  13. Maya:

    religion, Christianity has been a huge part of my life. but now, not so much. I find it hard to keep on believing in something that is only in my head, and Its really sad to say goodbye to this part of me, because I have been living so intensely in it. new times, new eras.

    I do believe there is a god, and a higher power. But Im not sure.

  14. S:

    not religion but spirituality instead

  15. RC:

    Absolutely. It gives such a feeling of calmness when needed, strength when needed and peace when needed. I can’t imagine not having faith in my life. Even when I have lapsed, I know that the Lord above is waiting for me to return and nudging me in my prayers.

  16. Anne:

    only for some people. For some people, religion has a positive affect. For some, it has a negative affect. Freedom of religion is very important.

  17. bsf:

    i agree with a lot of what has been said. i, personally, do not believe in god, although i was raised jewish. i think to be part of a religion is nice, mainly for the sense of community it gives, especially for kids. on the other hand, many kids don’t really believe in the religion they are raised as. i think what is most important is to believe in something, whether it be god, many gods, hope, love, or that there will be another day tomorrow. i don’t think religion is important so much as faith and having faith is.

  18. Brigette:

    Nah. Religion harms the world more than helping it.

  19. I believe that it is important to believe in a higher power, for all that this world has become and will continue to evolve into. The belief that there is “someone there”, grants eternal hope that someone will always fight for you, with you and beside you, throughout your life. The downside is that you start to realize there is also you are fighting against; the very essence of The Long Defeat.

  20. sorry,,,, i missed a word ;))) <3

    I believe that it is important to believe in a higher power, for all that this world has become and will continue to evolve into. The belief that there is “someone there”, grants eternal hope that someone will always fight for you, with you and beside you, throughout your life. The downside is that you start to realize that there is also "someone" you are fighting against; the very essence of The Long Defeat.

  21. S:

    What does that even mean?

  22. Rachel:

    I believe for me it’s important to have beliefs about life after death because I am so intrigued by theology

  23. jaki:

    I think everyone needs some sense of spirituality or something to believe in, but not necessarily a religion. If the two happen to coincide, then awesome, but I don’t think spirituality is the same thing as religion.

  24. Sydney:

    I’m an agnostic atheist, so no.

  25. SarahDylan:

    Not at all.

    A religion is just societies way of organising and categorising faith. Of course this organisation is important when setting up a belief system, but I think nowadays people think outside the lines and follow their own hearts rather than just going along with rules that others have set down. Thus I do not think that it is important to follow a religion, as a lot of people do not feel they need it to live satisfying lives, but I think that having a faith in something beautiful is essential for the spirit, whether it only be in a simple, empirical thing.

    Religion is not important to the indiviual. Faith is.

  26. Jessica:

    I feel like everyone does not some sort of religion or faith to believe in, but not necessarily be heavily involved in.. everyone needs something to help them get through the dark times.

  27. Jerald L. Johnson:

    Religion provides a foundation for individuals. Most of us have family and friends to depend on but when they are not there, we often fall back on our religious foundation. Without it, we are in free fall.

  28. Sofia:

    For me personally – No, because I don’t believe in higher powers.

    For others – I agree with Heath’s post, I think it’s very important that everyone can choose for themselves.

    That said, I think it’s sad that a lot of religious people try to choke “the non-believers” with their beliefs, because if I respect you for being religious, I expect the same respect back for being non-religious.

  29. Steven:

    I am Christian. So a lot of people would consider me to be a religious person. But to me, religion is so far from what I believe in. Religion tacks on rules and regulations that the “members” must follow in order to be deemed a “religious” person. My belief is that Jesus Christ came to set us free from that. I feel like Jesus has allowed me to be more free in my life than I could have ever been before. In this sense, no, religion is not important. I think that religion misses out on the crucial point. Spirituality is supposed to free us, not condemn us, not trap us in a set of things we MUST do. I love Jesus Christ. And He loves me. That is Christianity. A love relationship with our one and only Savior.

  30. Pilar Garcia:

    it is for me, religion teaches us to strive to be better human beings, by observing the protocol of our chosen religion.

  31. Anna:

    Some personality types need to feel like they are part of a community. Religion helps give these people a sense of purpose in life. I don’t really need someone to give me a sense of purpose. I’d rather just live and see how everything plays out.

  32. Nick:

    Not being biased but I think religion is important. It’s kind of a norm for some that religion is all about believing in a god. I’m a Catholic and not only believing in God was taught to me. It also taught me to respect others and respect myself, be disciplined and put my trust to Him and others.

  33. Conor:

    Personally, I think people aren’t always willing to accept that not everyone thinks the same way and has the same needs. If partaking in your religion comforts, strengthens, supports or in anyway impacts your life positively, then that’s great. Not everyone needs religion to get through tough times or to feel good about themselves or to be moral.
    I think it is not important to partake in a religion but is important to find a source of comfort and strength for the tough times, peace and calm in amongst the chaos, and something to believe in. If religion is your thing, excellent. Same goes for music, meditation, experience, science, philosophy, or anything else, even something intrinsically within you.

  34. Miles:

    Everyone has their own interpretation of whatever religion they may follow. Take a look at all the inconsistencies – between individuals, states, countries? No one person knows shit all. Certain individual people just like to proclaim that they have THE answer, and grouping together via similar belief systems (UH… SECTS?) with other individuals makes them stronger.

    So, no.

    Just do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t interfere with others doing what makes them happy.

    “That’s called logic. It’ll help you.”
    -Bill Hicks

  35. JoeSierra:

    There will always be people that need a crutch, and Organized Religion will be there to provide these crutches in many forms. Some crutches come in the form of community, respectability, forgiveness, hope for an afterlife, and a moral compass. The crutches come at a disportionate cost and often at the expense of other humans who choose to believe differently. When the Organized Religion decides that their way is the only way to salvation and then brainwashes its followers to impose these often mythical beliefs upon others, the trouble begins.

    It begins with discrimination against others that are different because of race, gender, beliefs, etc. It progresses to fanatical positions on the origins of life that deny scientific fact, and works to discredit all forms of science, including global warming, to propagate a belief in an Earth of less than 10,000 years old that was created in eight days. It promotes disdain for our planet Earth by promoting Dominion over the Earth, its creatures and resources. The Religious divide in the United States today, created around ideology, is one of the most destructive forces facing our Nation since the Civil War.

    Personally I believe that a Spiritual foundation, a belief in some higher power, coupled with guidance from the words of the great prophets; Jesus, Mohamad, and Moses, and the basic moral codes of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, etc, can provide one with enough wisdom to live a moral life, filled with faith, love and respect for others including all living things.

  36. Bailey:

    It is important to be involed in a relgion. If there is no heaven or God well then thats no problem that you believed in it. But if you never believed in him then if he does excitist you wont fully fill his awesomeness

  37. Guest:

    I believe that you should believe in SOMETHING….even if most people don’t agree with you. It gives you hope and faith even when there’s nothing left.

  38. Rayton:

    I am not sure everyone should actually partake in a religion, but think about it and consider whether they believe in somethign or not. Everyone should know a little mnore about themselves, and I think it’s important check if their current religion suits them or maybe another does. After doing so, I think one should live and do whatever he/she believes in, thus it’s important to follow the way of belief, or one’s spirituality.

  39. me!:

    I think it does, although I can’t really explain why… it just kind of fills the emptiness in your life. But I will say if you’re unsure or don’t think it does, don’t judge people that do. I know some people might think we have to act a different way or we can’t do the same things as everyone else, but that’s not true at all, we’re just like the next person.

  40. Depending on how people see “religion”.

  41. anon:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but for seventeen years I was without religion, and the two years I have been a Buddhist have been the best of my life. Without it, I would have taken my own life long ago.

  42. Kristy:

    I think that for some people, religion means absolutely everything to them, and for others, it’s something else, be it science, cars, whatever. I think everyone needs something to believe in though.
    For some, it’s God, Allah, Goddess, Mother Nature, The Flying Spagetti Monster, little white mice that control the universe, Aliens, Norse, Roman, or Greek mythology, Dragons, Nirvana, or any other form of spirituality.
    It’s up to each individual person, and for the most part, I don’t think anyone should be told that what they believe is wrong.
    The only exceptions are when any person or group infringes on basic human rights of others, be it by suicide bomber, human sacrifices, jihad, or any genocide.

    I could really go on and on to write an essay, as mentioned above, hahaha.

  43. Oana:

    A quesion for a question: Why would I believe in lies?

  44. Tiara B.:

    I believe that people should have faith. They should believe IN something, this world is too great to believe in nothing.

  45. Alex:

    I do not believe that going into an organized religion is that important.

    I believe that we can learn to love and accept others by just living and experiencing life. Religion doesn’t need to help us with that.

    I do however believe that having a belief in a higher power (a God of some-sort) is important for everyone.

  46. hexmage:

    No. I feel believing or not believing depends on the person, and for some people they need a religion. For others, and I claim to be one of them, it is unneeded and will cause more harm than good in their life.

  47. Julia:

    Personally, no. Because that´s just the way I see the world.

    Others, it´s totally their decision. I do not judge

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