Question 412

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  1. Ara:

    Moving 2 hours away from my fiancee in the hope that I would be able to secure a better future for us.

  2. Moudi:

    To End My relationship with my best friend who is a girl because I fell for her, and she didn’t and she stopped being comfortable with me so it was the right decision or at least I hope so…

  3. Oana:

    to accept that I have to go to another country o have a future and to leave him behind, I did, but he still loves me and waits for me even if we broke up just so we can say it doesent hurt. It does, but he believes in me and i want to keep it that way just because we love eachother

  4. Jenny:

    Deciding to live.

  5. Laurel:

    To go to college even though I hate school so much.

  6. Loving him

  7. Barbara:

    to lay all my feelings out for someone, to tell them my most intimate feelings of what I felt, knowing that more than likely they wouldn’t be returned…but feeling if I didn’t, that I might regret it for the rest of my life. So now I will go on trying to pick up the broken pieces and living my life, with no regrets.

  8. Emma:

    Deciding whether it was easier to end my almost 7 year friendship with my best friend, not knowing whether we would ever see each other again after college started, or stay friends with her, knowing a few more months together would make saying goodbye even more painful.

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