Question 17

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41 Responses to “Question 17”

  1. Ofy:

    Definetely sitting in front my computer. Waste most of my time here =(

  2. Cathy:

    watching sunset with my sisters or friends or simply enjoy ordinary things.

  3. Ems:

    Reading, painting, making love.

  4. Pradeep:

    Talking & spending time with my frndz, especially girl frndz!! 🙂

  5. watching good films & shows
    making cocktails
    dancing in hotted clubs
    wandering in libraries & bookstores
    … …
    hardly lack of activities to fancy me 🙂

  6. Scipio:


  7. Mike:

    trying to solve a new challenge or problem creatively

  8. Julia:

    There are a lot of things I get caught up in that takes away a chunk of time but reading is something I love to do and don’t mind if I sit there for hours reading.

  9. Abbey:

    Everything. I don’t wear a watch or obsessively check the time on my cell phone. I never know how long i’ve got alive so i invest all of me into each thing i do. Sometimes time rushes by too fast, and sometimes i’m lucky enough to feel it crawl past me.

  10. Grace:

    Drawing, writing (Like, story writing) and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

  11. annie:

    spending time at the beach in the waves. reading a good book. having long talks with my friends late at night

  12. Kayane:


  13. bobby:

    Riding bike, reading, taking long walks, beautiful conversations with intelligent people.

  14. doing mushrooms……… man, dont even try to keep track of time

  15. Anonymous:

    Graphic Design.

  16. Karrie:

    Maths homework (I’m not in school anymore, but I remember doing my weekly maths homework while listening to a playlist, and being surprised at how I seemed to skip like 5 songs because I was concentrating so much and not listening)

  17. being with the person i love. no, the people i love.

  18. April:

    Spending time with him. Those times make everything else in the world seem so meaningless. At those moments, all that matters is him.

  19. Julz:

    drawing, playing piano, reading, and sleeping 🙂

  20. fenixdemilo:

    going on the computer, getting drunk and hanging out at my one friends place. otherwise, almost everything else goes by relaxingly or painfully slow

  21. Holly:

    Feeding the fish in my pond.

  22. Aimee:

    Talking to him. <3

  23. alexis:

    having fun with friends, playing piano and tennis 🙂

  24. Amanda:

    reading, talking, listening to music, going on the computer

  25. Emma:

    walking around after school with 3 of my closest friends

  26. Ris:

    Texting my sister late at night, walking around campus with my friends

  27. Aaron:

    playing tennis with my brother and our 2 best friends

  28. LW:

    Honestly, showering. The water is relaxing and the white noise lets me zone out… I do a lot of my best thinking in the shower.

  29. Andrea:

    Listening to music, stumbleling… lol
    Practicing karate, showering and reading a book.

  30. Diva:

    Reading, mmorpgs, listening to music, meditating, cooking 🙂

  31. Sarah:

    Distance swimming, reading, day dreaming, running.

  32. RubenRybnick:

    hanging out with my friend, odd thing is it doesnt matter what situation were in. we could be hobos in the dessert with no food or water and still we would enjoy life.

  33. Nick:

    Using the internet.

  34. Grac(ie):

    zOMG on GaiaOnline. Love that MMO, it takes me away.

  35. Michael Hitchcock:

    All of them. I love not thinking of time.

  36. Rachael:

    Watching movies, jogging, exploring the web, listening to music, dancing, singing

  37. Joey:

    running and damnlol

  38. Rowena:

    Singing. Talking with friends. Listening to music. Day dreaming.

  39. sabrina:

    spending time on the computer
    spending time with my cat
    reading a good book
    time in the shower

  40. chichay:

    reading a beautiful novel, listening to music, sorting my things, surfing the net

  41. Heidi:

    Spending time with my Dad, riding horses and sleeping.

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