Question 419

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  1. Aaron:

    My home before I lived on campus. Other than that, nope.

  2. Drew:

    Woodsy’s/Jay’s Garage because everyone used to hang out there and I’d show up and it’d be like a party. Not because of me, but still, it was cool. Good, good times.

  3. Jay:

    Home, school, my house of worship

  4. Grac(ie):

    My hometown pharmacy. I go there so often to pick up prescription refills that when they see my car pull up, they have my medications ready for me when I walk in. I find it a bit sad. These people know how many medications I take, and what they are for. They have seen how often my doctors try different meds on me. When I get something new, they always tell me “I hope this one works for you, Gracie”

    And home. People know me at home.

  5. SarahDylan:

    I believe that when we go to heaven we will not be recognised by labels, or connections to others. I will not be Sarah. I will not be a daughter, or a mother, or a wife. I will be recognised by the true identity of my soul.

  6. Tina:

    The local grocery store. It’s a small town and everyone knows everyone.

  7. Jessica:

    Home.. oh and the Indian restaurant we’ve gone to many times as I’ve grown up. Also the cleaners by my house, I almost never go but my parents do.. and when I do go they know who I am.

  8. Dale:

    The local charity foundation where I’ve been volunteering for almost 10 years now.

  9. Paige:

    My hometown credit union.

  10. Morgan:

    A youth center in my town 🙂 I volunteer and am friends with everyone there. I feel so special to be a part of it sometimes. Being part of something so amazing makes me feel amazing.

  11. Ael:

    Home, School, Work, and the bar where I sing and play guitar almost every night.

  12. Nick:

    The school where I stayed for 12 years.

  13. Heloisa:

    Only my home – it’s the more important place, for me.

  14. Munish Kaler:

    My homeplace…………

  15. kp:

    My hometown.

  16. Rachel:

    Home, school, friend’s house, family people’s houses, I think that’s it…

  17. Sarah:

    School, Beach House Residence and my house. 🙂

  18. Maya:


  19. nicole:


  20. Maia:

    School…I go to this incredible boarding school with people from 90 different countries, and will be greeted by name by EVERYONE while walking down the street 🙂

  21. rkc:

    My husband cheated on me this last year and we live in a very small town. I can’t wait to get out of here and be in a place where no one will know my name or what has happened to me and know that my husband chose the town bicycle to “ride”. I want a place where I can find new friends who know me and my kids.

  22. Rayton:

    my home, maybe school counts too

  23. Genaya:

    Rangiuru Sports Club. Small rural town and even though I left 8 years ago I can still go back and everything is the same. Except maybe a few more gray hairs, extra cms around the waist and a few more kids running around. Triple ‘A’.

  24. megaaaan:

    school lol

  25. Nancy:

    I will say that everyone knows me at my church. I love going there and the people are so wonderful. But most of all I am glad that my Heavenly Father knows my name.

  26. Heath:

    Home, work, my favorite resaurant in my hometown (Restaurant Mexico, Tempe AZ).

  27. Unknown:

    Mister Goodbar, Buffalo, NY!!!!

  28. marci:

    hometown number 1, hometown number 2 and the cafe.

  29. TB:

    Our local bakery. They know more about me than my mother

  30. Zoe:


  31. Moudi:


  32. Oana:

    a bar called “The Jack” there a lot of wonderful things happen, a pub called “Fire”, ex highscool and the street where I grew up

  33. Debbie:

    My home, school (highschool & college), the bar I work in the weekend …

  34. My church =)

  35. hexmage:

    My local Trading Card Shop. They are my family there. No judgement, no nosing in on life, just accepting what is brought in and bonding over a shared past time.

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