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  1. Angria:

    I knew I wanted to be a teacher since 3rd grade, but I was always too scared to follow that path. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college and after many unhappy years of trying to go down a different path that I knew I was meant to be a teacher.

  2. Julia:

    I didn’t. It chose me. I was doing something completely different and enjoying it a great deal then told I could no longer do it. My current profession was offered in its place. I took it as my only option — and now love it even more than the last one. Now my only concern is if I get to continue doing this … regardless of how well it turned out, once the rug has been pulled out from beneath you, you never stand quite as confidently!

  3. Morgan:

    I don’t do it yet, but I know what I am meant to do. I know that I am going to help kids with mental problems and suffer from abuse. I know I’ll do this because I suffer from mental illnesses and I kept it quiet for to long. Kids have it the worst, and I want to help them find their voice again.

  4. I was in 2nd year college when I realized that I wanted to teach. I didn’t have any clear vision of what I would be doing after graduation but after the first “thank you” from my Korean tutee, I thought I wanted to be a teacher.

  5. Aaron:

    I realized in the fall last year that I want to help myself and other people live a healthy and active lifestyle.

  6. Leila:

    sophomore year of high school. my favorite teacher pulled me aside and told me i could really make it in that field. it gave me hope i hadn’t had before.

  7. kelly:

    At the age of fourteen it was descoverd that i had a tumor behind my left knee. i had chemotherapy for two years which stopped it growing. i now want to be an child oncology nurse or pshchologist because i now how much they helped me get through the treatment. i want to help sick kids feel that everything is alright

  8. Cheetah:

    I didn’t, the public school system decided it for me… I’m a student XD

  9. Rachel:

    I’m a student, bu I’ve absolutely decided to become an actor, Especially and mainly acting Shakespeare. The minute I walked into Shakespeare’s globe I decided it wasn’t just a hobby anymore.

  10. Anonymous10:

    Same as Julia, it chose me. I had no idea what this job was before I enrolled. Although it’s not that bad, but I always wonder what my life would be if I had taken Engineering (I liked at that time). I’m now doing my Masters which I’m not really too keen but too coward to drop it and pursue something I really like (films – scriptwriting & perhaps directing).

  11. s:

    I have known since I was 5. I remember my kindergarden teacher asking each of us what we wanted to be when we grew up. It’s a calling.

  12. Paul:

    Currently i am student, but i enlisted in the US ARMY, a couple months ago.. i decided to do this my freshman year, currently a senior now.. I never second guessed myself on that decision,i ship off to boot this August.

  13. suzy:

    when I was five or six years old and I watched M.A.S.H. with my dad. I just knew I want to be a doctor. I am just a medical student but I hope I reach my goal.

  14. Heath:

    Well, I never truly made the decision. It was just something I had to do at one job, and then I had some experience which I put on my resume, and then I got hired to do that for my next job, and so on. Now I’m an expert, and I DO enjoy my work, but I never consciously said to myself: “Now I’m going to be a database programmer” 🙂

  15. Rachael:

    I’ve known since I was tiny that I wanted to be a radiographer. Like some others on here, I believe that the job chose me. Although I may moan about the time-wasters and the drunks in my department, there is nothing else I would rather do with my life. It is my vocation.

  16. Sydne:

    I became an EMT, and now a paramedic, when I saw how a death affected one of our local volunteer EMT’s. It made me realize how small our community is and how many more EMT’s were needed here. It saddens me that it took someone’s death to give me my profession, but at least something good came of their death.

  17. anon:

    I was graduating from my kindergarten class at the age of five, and when we all got up to say what we wanted to be. Thirteen years later, I’m proud to say I achieved my life-long goal of being a waitress, just like my mommy.

  18. Oana:

    4 months ago…….needed desperatly money and babysitting is a good way for it + u get free house and free food

  19. Copper:

    I’ve always been interested in history because of my grandfather, but a year and a half ago when I started my internship with the curator at a museum back home it made me realize how much I wanted to work in a museum.

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