Question 422

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  1. Andrea:

    who i am and how i wanna live my life.

  2. Morgan:

    I changed my mind about a lot of things. Mostly my style and personal views on the world. It’s been a crazy ride.

  3. Angria:

    I have changed in so many ways from who I was as a child to teen and finally adult. The main thing I changed was my belief in God and attitude towards religion. I still have my struggles, but I have come a long, long way from my 10 year old atheist mindset.

  4. Molly:

    My appreciation of The Grateful Dead. When I was young, I couldn’t understand what my dad saw in them. I’ve also turned around to tomatoes in sandwiches, gin & tonics, and how awesome naps are. (I wish I could write a little note to 5-year old me.)

  5. Eric:

    Beer and olives.

  6. amy:

    no one is perfect

  7. Nick:

    What I want to become when I grow up.

  8.  :

    Judging peoples’ “right and wrong” actions. If they’re “off the rails” it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person.

  9. Maia:

    Adrenaline. I used to hate putting myself at risk, and now I live to go faster, jump from higher, an generally push beyond my limits. Life is too short to be boring or bored.

  10. Aaron:

    I began to express my own views on things and I changed my mind a lot on what I wanted to do with my life.

  11. Jessica:

    I changed my mind about where I wanted to go to college. I changed my mind about what activities I would partake in. I’ve changed my mind about certain views I have on the world.

  12. Rayton:

    I was quite certain before what I’m going to do after finishing highschool. However, this plan changed a lot and I’m now convinced that I know what it would be.

  13. purple-elephant:

    I don’t want to have a set in stone life, I like being spontaneous.

  14. i now require more than just fries and mayo 🙂 in my stomach!

  15. SarahDylan:

    I stopped being a fundamentalist young earth creationist and began to be a liberal Christian/monotheist without losing any quality of faith at all.

  16. Maya:

    I believe in my dreams now.

  17. Cheetah:

    I’m atheist since last thanksgiving, after being christian my entire life.

  18. jes:

    Liking school. I enjoyed it as a kid, but now I feel as though I’m wasting time and money doing something I hate in order to get a degree to do something I hate even more.

  19. Rachel:

    I agree with Andrea

  20. Genaya:

    Growing old, I thought once I reached 30, life wouldn’t be worth living. I’m 35 and absolutely loving life and eagerly anticipating what else is to come. Thought I’d want 6 kids too, but am so happy with my 2 amazing boys.

  21. Lauren:

    My sexuality. Now I’m gay.

  22. Mark:

    That my parents don’t really care about me and my mother a more of a b*tch than she was before she broke up with my father.

  23. vicki:

    Art used to be a hobby but now I’m taking risks in pursuing art as a major and reaching for my dreams

  24. Justin:

    I have changed my mind about a lot of things in my life. Curiosity and wanting experiences has affected me more than I thought. I love this change.

  25. Marisol:

    Who i am and where i want to go. Also drugs.

  26. OnlyAmz:

    Growing up. I decided I don’t want to do it.

  27. Heath:

    Well, I used to think that being in a relationship was the only thing I needed to feel fulfilment. I now know that it’s necessary, but not sufficient.

    I also used to think that everyone who smoked pot was a loser-face. That’s no longer the case either.

    Being healthy and fit was never a big goal for me as a youngster, but it’s become a MUCH larger part of my life now.

    Also (gleaned from other’s responses):
    Hard alcohols
    Most vegetables 🙂

    Randomly, I also enjoy wearing shorts when weather permits, whereas I was a pure jeans teenager.

  28. TB:

    I always liked ‘bad boys’ & found the challenge intriguing. I realized there’s a difference between a bad-boy image and an asshole. Then I married a ‘good boy’ with a few tatoos and a motorcycle.

  29. P:

    I’ve given up trying to be apart of the majority crowd. Ive found that being myself and not trying to fit in leads me to make much greater and closer friends than I ever had before. The stupid thing is people tell you this all the time you just never think it applies to you..

  30. megaaaan:

    foods, what i wanted to be when i grew up, and opinions

  31. Oana:

    well I grew out of my tutu, not a ballerina anymore, I sleep a loooooot more and now I like boys XD

  32. me!:

    I used to not like someone (and at one point was sort of their enemy!) and now I love them 🙂

  33. swirling-thoughts:

    Who i am, and how i want to live my life.
    Also, i am thinking of maybe going into the military, whereas i never wanted to when i was younger.

  34. Lauren:

    I used to be a pushover. I’ve changed my style and my view on politics. My religion has changed greatly.

  35. Gabe:

    Alcohol and weed. Can’t get enough of the stuff now.

  36. Alaska:

    Apple juice

  37. Laurel:

    I’ve outgrown the perceptions of what’s “right” & “wrong”, what’s “good” & “bad” just because people say it’s so.

  38. Alex:

    That alcohol is worse than weed.
    Alcohol is worse….

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