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  1. Another girl:

    I’ve honestly seen a lot in my life that has made me very grateful for what I have. For example: homeless people, really sick people, and those that have no jobs. The list could obviously go on.

  2. Angria:

    Volunteering at a soup kitchen can definitely make your grateful. I also tutored inner city kids and that made me appreciate the great academic opportunities I had during my education.

  3. kgallagher:

    Watching my mother take care of her aging parents, both the loss of her mother and the heath difficulties of her father— alone. makes me grateful for my four siblings. Yeah, we fight and sometimes cannot stand each other, but when one of the little ones falls off a bike, we ALL come a runnin’. The unique interactions we share couldn’t be replaced by other people. Its a special bond btw brothers and sisters. I see it with my aunts an uncles, my dad being one of nine. I love it. I’m saddened that my mom never experienced this.

  4. Riddle:

    Witnessing clean, drinkable water flow out of my tap whenever I need it always makes me thankful for what I have.

  5. Jessica:

    Watching a movie on the organization Invisible Children, and seeing what it is truly like in Uganda and parts of the surrounding countries.

  6. SarahDylan:

    When I was in Uganda we all brought old clothes to give to the people there who had nothing. Most of us brought clothes that were spoilt or that weren’t fit for us to wear ourselves. But even these, when we gave them to the people, they exulted over. They were so blessed with the scraps from our tables and we felt awful for it. We then had a change of heart and gave them most of the other clothes we had brought with us that we had intended to take home again, clothes that we would miss. Ever since I’ve always been quite against spending money on ‘upgrades’ and things… I know somebody who just bought another iPad because he wanted the camera on the new one. Knowing that the money could be better spent makes me sad.

  7. SarahDylan:

    Oh wow – two Uganda posts in a row!

  8. jes:

    I was destitute for quite some time… Now every time I walk through my front door, turn up the heat, or even pull an outfit from my closet, I thank whatever god is listening that I got out of that place. My own experiences have made me thankful for everything I have today.

  9. Genaya:

    Life as a paramedic, everyday you are faced with circumstances that make you realise how wonderful it is to be grateful for what I have in my life. I have been to great jobs and not so great jobs but you learn to appreciate everything no matter how small. A sincere look on a family members face when you help their loved one is absolutely priceless. After a long day, coming home and hugging the kids and sitting down with them while they tell me what they did…priceless. Walking down the street and a person stopping you and thanking you for helping them…priceless. My kids telling their friends ‘my mums a paramedic’ with a big smile on their face…priceless. Everyday there are a multitude of things that everyone can be grateful for, we just have to stop, appreciate and be grateful for everything and anything. It’s all a matter of choice.

  10. Marc:

    Seeing the devastating aftermath of a tornado in a neighborhood near my house in Eastern North Carolina.

  11. Leila:

    Seeing my friend struggle against depression and suicide for years.

  12. Jessica:

    When I went to Mexico and these kids were following us begging for money. When we reached our car we had a bag of Famous Amos cookies and we gave some to them- I’d never seen someone so happy over something so small. It made me so grateful I don’t have to live that way.

  13. Rachel:

    alot of things subconsiciously but mainly fluke accidents

  14. Roberto:

    The slums in India.

  15. Moudi:

    everything,when i see a man in a wheelchair i thank God for my health.
    a guy sleeping on the street, a roof on my head

  16. Oana:

    My best friend who cries sometimes because her broher left a long time ago and she fels alone, I love my little sister

  17. Erin:

    From the windows in Subway, I could see a homeless man with ripped and torn clothes looking through garbages with a shopping cart. It absolutely broke my heart.

  18. Ashley:

    My mission trip to Haiti.

  19. Lindsey:

    Waiting in the hospital ER to be seen for possible appendicitis, I heard a scream in the hallway and looked out in time to see a sobbing woman collapse to the ground. It took a moment for me to realize she was screaming, “Dead?!? What do you mean she’s dead?! She CAN’T be gone!” My heart broke for and I looked over at my mother, realizing how very lucky I am.

  20. Alexa:

    *seeing a dog being killed by a car in front of me made me thank the heavens that yume (my dog) is healthy and happy, although he doesn’t always listen to me
    *watching how a lot of parents slap and yell at their children (in the middle of the street), not trying to understand them, not even a little, just beating up the little ones only because it’s more convenient. i’m so glad that my mom and dad are so friendly, understanding and guide me through my life with love and not with anger! also i’m thankful for not having the same mentality as those stupid parents (’cause, really, why have a child if he’s a bother to you?)

  21. Emma:

    At the end of the summer, I saw a lot of my friends having to deal with their best friends moving across the country for college, making them a lot more distanced. But my best friends were staying in the same city as me, and I never realized how lucky I was that I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to them.

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